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How to choose to buy headphones for mobile phones?

Use the phone to listen to music, in addition to the speaker through the built-in speakers to listen to, beats earbuds most people will choose to wear headphones, on the one hand to avoid the sound affect others, on the other hand also want to get better sound quality. However, many headphones style, there are big and small, not every headset is suitable for use on the phone. How to choose the phone for their own headset? We start from two aspects. First of all, when you buy headphones will see the specifications, in the end those proper nouns mean what? In addition, we will also visit the headset experts to see them for the phone for the headset to buy, what are the professional advice? Drive unit, also known as monomer, in addition to the size from the diameter to judge (in general, the greater the better the quality of the monomer, but the large single headphones are not necessarily suitable for mobile phones, not good to carry). The main types of the main types of monomers include "moving coil", "moving iron / balanced armature", "moving iron mixed iron / iron". "Moving coil", also known as "electric", "dynamic", is the most mainstream and mature headset type, widely used, the product price from high to low have. "Moving iron", also known as "balanced armature", is relatively new technology, good sound quality but high cost, from the proportion of view, "moving iron / balanced armature" more common in the relatively high price of the headset, some More professional headphones can even be configured with 2 to 3 balanced armatures for different audio. In addition, there are some earphones will be combined with moving coil and moving iron structure, known as the "moving iron moving iron" or "round iron" to beats solo both the natural sound of the former and the latter's resolution.

Headset type from the appearance of distinction, can be divided into earmuffs, overburden, earplugs, ear, ear hanging and other types, different appearance in the portable, Cheap Beats By Dre covered, sound effects, comfort are different. In addition from the degree of openness to distinguish, can be divided into open, semi-open, closed three, the main difference is that the sound insulation effect, the oppression of the ear, and the sound will not spread out (that is, Hear the music you are playing). Frequency response referred to as frequency response is the frequency of the headset can play. The wider the range of frequency response, the wider the range of headphones. The human ear can receive the frequency range between 20Hz-20,000Hz, most headphones are also as a standard, but each person's hearing or are different, so in general the frequency range is still the more the better. Impedance is an important indicator of the purchase of mobile phone headphones, the unit is . The higher the impedance, on behalf of this attached headphones need more power to drive. If the driving force is insufficient, the sound of the headset will become small, so there will be headphone amplifier (referred to as ear expansion) appears, is to make up for the required energy, high-end headphones often In order to ensure the sound quality performance and pull the high impedance settings, but there are still a handful of low-impedance high-end headphones exist. Headphone impedance is low, relatively easy to drive, generally say that the headset is more "push". To determine whether the impedance of the headset with the phone does not match a standard, mainly to try the scene. When choosing a mobile phone, pick the built-in expansion of the phone, headphone output higher, the corresponding impedance range is also wide, the choice of headphones is relatively more. Sensitivity is defined as the sound pressure level that the headphones can emit when entering 1 mW of power, in dB / mW. Sensitivity is generally inversely proportional to impedance. The higher the impedance, the lower the sensitivity, the more difficult to drive the headphones; the other hand, the lower the impedance, the higher the sensitivity, headphones easier to drive.

Of course, the hearing is very subjective feeling, in the selection of headphones must be personally audition experience, in the audition must have a few of beats solo their own theme song, these songs are recommended you usually like to listen to the tracks. In addition to the audition in addition to the overall listening experience, but also can focus on the treble, midrange, bass and vocal performance, treble can be compared with another headset in the details of the part can be presented more details on the resolution of the more High; bass part to pay attention to the degree of diving and clarity, if the bass for the bass paste again, it is not the total distribution of music headphones. Of course there are many places to note, but the most important thing is that you like it!