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How to eliminate sound noise

Many friends in the use of sound, will encounter the situation of noise. Many kinds of situations will cause the computer sound has noise, such as the speaker is disturbed, the interface or the connection line is bad, the sound itself is poor quality and so on. Those, how to eliminate the sound noise, the connection to do the following: impedance matching. In the sound system, almost all devices are used across the way, that is, the output impedance of the device design is very small, very large input impedance. This is because in the system, unless the signal for long-distance transmission, the general as a short-term processing. And the signal level at the end, requiring high-quality signal transmission, and the load changes basically do not affect the quality of the signal. When the signal source is designed as a constant voltage source, or the load is much larger than the signal source impedance, to meet the above requirements. In fact, the professional audio equipment impedance is designed according to the above principles, equipment interconnection using cross-way, which is the sound equipment impedance matching. In the design of the sound reinforcement system, generally do not have to consider the impedance problem. However, beats by dr dre when the output of a device needs to connect multiple devices, that is, a signal source to drive several loads must use active or passive source signal distributor to meet the requirements of equipment impedance matching (if the two devices, Generally directly and at the front end of the device). The amplifier and the speaker are connected according to the nominal output impedance and the input impedance of the speaker. It must be noted that when the speaker is connected, the impedance will be reduced, the parallel impedance of the parallel impedance is not less than the nominal output of the smaller output impedance, otherwise it will cause the amplifier load overload and can not work properly.

Level matching. When the audio equipment is interconnected, level matching is equally important. If the match is not good, or will be insufficient incentive, or there will be overload and produce serious distortion, will make the Beats Headphones On Sale system can not work properly. To achieve the level of matching, that is not only in the rated signal signal state match, but also in the signal appears when the peak, nor overload. Excellent system peak factor should be considered at least 10dB. Modern audio equipment are designed according to the standard, only in the equipment selection and system tuning to pay attention to meet the level matching requirements. Balance and imbalance. Audio equipment is usually balanced and unbalanced two connections. When there is common mode interference, the interference signal is almost the same as the interference signal value on the two balanced terminals, so the interference signal can cancel each other on the load of balanced transmission. So the balance circuit has a good anti-interference ability. In the important performance activities by, to try to use balanced input and output.

shield. Equipment, metal passenger should be properly grounded, grounding resistance is less than 4, can not be due to ground and the introduction of interference noise. Outside the powerful high-frequency radio waves will also cause high-frequency radio frequency interference, especially when using a wireless microphone, the external radio waves such as public security, fire, taxi call system radio waves will interfere with the reception of wireless microphones , And produce noise. It is recommended to use the transmitter frequency and receive frequency are free to adjust the selected wireless microphone. If the sound system is badly grounded, it will cause the noise to be sent to the next level of equipment, and sometimes the incoming radio will sound. So the grounding has a significant impact on the elimination of noise. There is also a certain technical requirements: the sound system grounding point and the power of the ground and do not connect at the same point, so as to avoid the power grid noise interference string into the sound system; grounding line is better to use beats solo multi-strand textile line, Area should be large enough to require good welding, to avoid fake welding, Weld, desoldering. Do not use welding oil welding, should use alcohol rosin. If the use of welding oil, welding should be used after the use of alcohol cleaning welding points and nearby circuits to prevent corrosion of components and circuit boards; audio equipment should not be in the input and output at the same time ground, constitute a ground wire loop, easy to produce self- Grounding requires a single point of grounding at the input, since the signal level is small and the noise level is small. Ground at this point and the noise is shorted to ground. If the output point to ground, then the signal level is large, the noise level is also large, so the elimination of noise is not easy to completely clear. In general, the noise problem of active speakers can not be avoided, due to product structure constraints, some electromagnetic interference is bound to exist, we should be placed on the speaker away from the radiation source, and do not let the speaker in the high temperature environment use. In addition, as far as possible to ensure that the use of Beats By Dre Cheap electricity in a stable place to the speaker to allocate a separate outlet can also be to some extent to avoid the emergence of current sound.