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How to get the best custom earphone ear molds

Ear, also known as India, some friends will be mistaken for the eardrum, custom beats by dr dre headset is a very important part. To make your own custom custom headphones, to obtain the standard suitable ear mold is an important first step, ear mold is good or bad directly related to the custom headset after the completion of wearing comfortable, sound insulation is good, and the ear canal fit us To know the structure of the ear. Understand the name of the various parts, allowing you to get better communication with the master mold, so you will know when the mold to be more in-depth, more full of ear simulation qualified; mold master operation up to heart, More handy.

Ear mold because there are different uses and have different mold standards, and hearing aids shop master is the default is to use the standard of hearing aids to take the mold, so before, and the master must be good communication we need to create a custom headset Take the standard: 1: Place the cotton barrier to the second corner 2-3mm (over the first corner, 2-3mm in the second corner). 2: ear canal, ear barrels and ear cavity part must be smooth without defect, no deformation, no bubbles. 3: ear mold material to cover the triangle, the ear wheel; more than inter-screen cut. The above criteria and requirements and master mold said after the master, the master will be able to remove the custom headset production requirements of the ear mold.

It is also very important to maintain the stability of the ear canal, according to our many years of experience: normal sitting, teeth bite about 2.5cm thickness of things (about one dollar coin diameter, vary, only for Reference), the process of maintaining the body does not move, try not to speak out before the ear mold; ear mold is not dry Cheap Beats By Dre when not touch, so five minutes after the natural hardening out (time from the temperature to set). This is mainly because the ear canal is also composed of muscle, beats solo the body of a lot of action, especially the chin opening and closing, can cause the ear canal contraction or expansion, which in the mold to try to avoid; mouth to 2.5cm is a About the mouth, completely closed and open to the jaw bone and zygomatic arch dislocation (Zhang mouth to the maximum state) are not appropriate, where we can try to feel their own, the little finger into the ears, with the mouth of the opening and closing , Ear canal shape will change. Reasonable ear canal shape is conducive to the final make the headset finished sound insulation and comfort, to ensure sound quality and long wear.

Take ear mold the day before the best not to wear ear-style headphones, so that the ears get enough rest, take the model before the master will check your ear canal, if there is swelling, inflammation and other abnormal conditions, is not suitable for mold, Please rest to the normal state and then take. After ear mold out, you can also follow the above diagram to check whether the ear molds meet the standard; if the first removal of the ear mold is defective, please rest after half an hour and then take the second time. 24 hours is not recommended to take ear mold more than twice. This is also to protect the health of everyone's ears.

Finally, I wish everyone can successfully take the standard ear mold, early with sound insulation is good, comfortable to wear, sound quality custom headset.