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How to identify the ear headphones are good or bad? Comfort is the key!

The headphones can be used to evaluate the speaker, The Headphones sound better than its technical performance is more important, because the shape of the head and ears are Cheap Beats By Dr Dre different, a pair of headphones on different people will have a different sense of hearing, so recommended only as a reference, have the opportunity to personally listen Can really feel the sound of headphones.

Headset comfort is also beats headphones very important, the use of headphones at the same time as there are other activities should also be taken into account, a headset can not be too tight nor too loose, should be able to wear for a long time. Headband and unit of the adjustability can guarantee the use of different head shape and different uses, professional audio personnel sometimes need a single unit monitor, the unit needs to be able to rotate, the other line length and unit of the way into the line is also affecting the use of A factor. In the adjustment of the length of the headband to pay attention to: the headband is short, the head of the pressure, the pressure on the head of the head on the small, head long and reverse, three points of pressure to get the balance is the most comfortable, for the adaptive head With this problem does not cheap beats exist. There beats earbuds are some earmuffs headphones with a pentagonal design, can be more fit the human ear, wearing more comfortable. Durability in the portable audio and professional fields is very important, portable audio headset is relatively small, easy to be damaged; professional headset to use and move frequently, the line is also easy to be broken off and pull off, requiring headset manufacturing is very strong, and Parts are easy to repair and replace.