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How to judge a headset is good or bad

Mainly from the following aspects:

1. Frequency response: This parameter is one of the very important indicators to evaluate the quality of headphones.

2. Maximum sound pressure level, or sensitivity: the meaning of these two parameters are the same. The higher the sensitivity, the easier it is to headphones, the easier it is to drive.

3. Is it easy to hear: good headphones, because the sound is very real and natural, like our daily life to hear the voice of nature, people are not prone to fatigue. You can not feel tired all day long, but with other headphones, such as Logitech, Microsoft or other brand-name headphones, you play a few hours, you will feel dizzy.

4. Is the resolution good: good headphones, you can hear a lot of details of things, such as a small vocal chorus, hand and strings of friction sound, singing voice and so beats earbuds on.

5. Is the scene feel good: good headphones, will let you forget the existence of earplugs, you will feel the feeling of visiting the scene. Musical instruments, vocals from different directions pass, a strong sense of the scene. If you think the sound is sent from the headset, then the headset on the general like.

6. headset material: good material like headphones, but the material is not good, headphones certainly not good, including workmanship, headset materials and so on. For example, Yun Shi headphone line, which will have body armor fiber, tensile and flexion is very strong, the headset line is not easy to break