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How to keep the advantages and disadvantages of microphones

In our daily contact with the headphones, in addition to moving coil and moving iron, do not know whether there is a child shoes found a look, the size is similar to moving iron headphones, the drive unit is moving coil, which is micro-ring headphones, and the more To the more appear in the market so how about this micro-ring headphones? What are the advantages and disadvantages? And ordinary moving headset What is the difference? Micro-ring headset and dynamic headset difference

The vocal principle of the moving coil is similar to that of the ordinary loudspeaker. The coil in the permanent magnetic field is connected with the diaphragm, and the coil drives the diaphragm under the driving of the signal current. This unit has a wide range of headphones, the sound is flexible, beats earphones the amount of sense of foot, music more fun.

The micro-movement is strictly speaking, is a kind of dynamic headphones, only in the dynamic principle of the technology on the optimization of innovative technology can be understood as moving and moving iron technology between a fusion. Micro-movement is used than ordinary 9mm or more also smaller, between 3 ~ 8mm diameter dynamic drive unit in-ear headphones. And most of them reverse the conventional design, eliminating the front ear catheter and the front acoustic cavity of the drive unit front design.

The advantages and disadvantages of the microphones

Due to its compact drive unit and front unit design, the small unit's dynamic headphones have excellent wear comfort and acoustic sound insulation.

Moreover, thanks to the small size of the unit, so the micro-circle has a very significant sound characteristics, with the dynamic itself is easy to push, omnivorous, but also has a moving iron in the sound of high resolution, transient response fast And other characteristics of sound quality.

In the actual listening, the initial micro-movement of the headset sound clear, good lines, bass fierce, fierce But when carefully listening, you will find the sound field deformity, incomplete, lack of a space to create a sense of atmosphere, playing music is straightforward, timid cool.

High-frequency metal sense of the brightness is very strong, the extension is also very good; IF sound straightforward, lack of sound thickness; low-frequency impact strong, very violent, there is a certain flexibility, but the lack of dynamic atmosphere that contrast and strong sense The The low frequency of the moving headphones is fluffy, smooth and flexible; tri-band convergence performance smooth natural, music-resistant; and micro-movement is the lack of such a natural performance, but also the lack of overtone, but the resolution is compared to moving higher.

In summary, the micro-ring compared to the dynamic headphones, the high frequency of the extension and brightness and low frequency under the slightest advantage; and this small size of the ear can be done very small, and moving iron as small , The shape is also more beautiful. However, each person's listening orientation is different, for the combination of this feature, whether you like, or to personally listen to know.