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How to place the monitor speakers to get the best sound quality

The first rule is to place your monitor speakers in an equilateral triangle (your ears and left and right monitor speakers keep at an angle of 60 and have the same distance). The distance between you and the monitor speakers depends on the monitor and its size. The manufacturer of the monitor speakers usually indicates the optimal placement distance of the monitor in the user manual. The larger the speakers, the longer the listening distance. In the purchase of this point to be taken into account. Sometimes buying a bigger monitor speaker will not be the best solution. The height of the monitor speakers should also be taken into account. The purpose is to tune the speaker's tweeter with your ear into a straight line. If this is not easy due to your specific home studio, you can tilt a little speaker down (if the speakers are too low to give them a support up), so the tweeter can be directly with you The ears reach the same level. The monitor speaker should always point to the direction of your ear instead of facing the wall behind you. In the four walls of your studio, you must maintain a symmetry. When a sound source is placed close to a wall, or worse, it is placed in a corner, and some low frequencies are audibly amplified, which is needed in the studio to be avoided at all costs because it will distort the beats by dre beats by dre studio studio sonic Frequency of. Do not you want to resonate in a home studio? The It may be difficult to eliminate acoustic resonance in your home studio (which usually requires you to have a lot of advanced acoustic techniques and knowledge), but it is still easy to reduce mechanical resonance by separating the monitor from your desk To the. The following solution is possible: pad the pad on your monitor speakers or simply use the monitor speaker stand. So that the resonance from beats earphones your monitor to your desk will be greatly reduced and you will get more acoustic space. Of course, you can also combine two options: the foam pad on the speaker frame, and then the monitor speakers on top.