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How to see headset parameters to judge the headset is good or bad?

Everyone in the purchase of headphones before always like to compare the brand headset parameters, then the headset parameters for the choice of headphones is useful? We are concerned about the issue, today finishing some of the information for everyone to do a simple reference.

How to see headset parameters to judge the headset is good or bad? When we buy headphones, we will focus on the three main parameters of the headset, impedance, sensitivity and frequency response range, according to these three parameters we can not and will feel that this headset beats by dre wireless is good or bad, the parameters are only for our headphones A basic understanding of it, just like its appearance is the same as the condition that we can intuitively feel and provide a good reference standard for our choice. By the resistance and reactance of two parts, in ohms . General portable headset and earplugs impedance does not exceed 50, because the drive of these headphones to portable devices and mobile phone-based, front-end power is limited, the impedance can not be too high, and portable front-end power to DC-based, decoding and Amplification circuit will not do very complicated, so also do not need too much impedance to reduce the distortion of the entire system.

And most of the large-size diaphragm headphone impedance why do so high? The reason is that the front of the front due to the size and power supply limitations, the amount of information and the completion of the tuning are less than such a large area of ??the diaphragm to show, even made a low-resistance version of the HD800, portable front The effect of the desktop system is very wasteful. And the desktop system to resolve the amount of information greater, there are a large number of internal reducer rectifier circuit rectifier circuit, will also cause jitter and distortion, but high-impedance headphones can reduce these effects to a very small range, which is why high-end ear Impedance is very high There are some earplugs such as Senhai IE8 impedance is 16 ohms, the sensitivity of 125dB, so the requirements for the front is not great, commonly known as easy to push, there are some big ears can do 600 Europe. Of course, is very popular, high impedance of the headset system, high signal to noise ratio, to a large extent can avoid the amplifier midpoint DC offset point negative impact. For high-impedance Beats Headphones Cheap headphones, the load is relatively light, making the relative work of the amplifier in the lower state of distortion, the sound quality is more useful. So for the pursuit of sound quality of the burning friends, do not consider the portable and price, high resistance of the big ears is a good choice.

In the purchase of headphones, the high impedance of the high sensitivity, the need to promote the power of small, high degree of audio reduction, but the corresponding need to be higher voltage. Because only in a strong and stable voltage, Cheap Beats By Dre the headset can better restore the sound quality, the sound can be more vigorous and powerful.


Is the unit power under the headphones can issue much of the sound, the higher the need to promote the power of the smaller power, the higher the sensitivity, with the voltage on the headphones on the more loud. Generally speaking, the sensitivity of the headset is actually the sensitivity level of the headset, which is applied to the headset 1mW of electric power, the headset produced by the simulation of the ear (dummy head) in the sound pressure level, 1mW power is the frequency 1000Hz when the standard impedance of the headset based on the calculation. High sensitivity means to achieve a certain sound pressure level required power is small, and now the dynamic headphones are generally more than 90dB / mW sensitivity, if it is for the Walkman election headphones, the sensitivity of the best in 100dB / mW or better The The human ear can accept the frequency response range of about 20Hz to 20KHz, the current market headphones can basically beyond the ears of Beats By Dre Cheap" href="/">Beats By Dre Cheap the listening range, so add a lot of details of the factors that make listening to music, low frequency dive comparison Foot, high frequency more transparent ethereal, but it should be noted that (frequency response range and frequency response curve is two different things, do not confuse).

Three parameters is that we are in the purchase of headphones, the more concerned about a few points, but it is like a bunch of numbers, it can not represent anything, can not explain this headset is good or bad (sound is good is the aesthetic category), so , The final choice of a headset, you have to be your ears to speak, or by you like to listen to the song to decide, this is the most basic and most commonly used way to buy.