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How to systematically understand headphones?

I think for the headset novice, the first thing to beats by dre wireless be clear is: headphones as the screen, it is impossible to restore the perfect. Therefore, the sound of the headset and the sound of the sound of the gap, it has become an objective measure of Cheap Beats By Dre whether the standard headphones. cheap beats So remember: 1. Regardless of how expensive the price, headphones will not be perfect, only as much as possible. 2. As with the screen, the headset has both hard quality and style to judge the side, that is, sound quality and sound (tuning) 3. So in a limited budget, there is more suitable for your headset and not so suitable for your headset Clear the above these, you basically can find, want to buy a good headset, on the one hand to try to choose better sound quality, on the other hand, but also try to choose the right style for you, otherwise no matter how high sound quality are Do beats solo not really make you satisfied.

So, I suggest you at the beginning of the time or buy a not too expensive, the first make do listen, listen to the time you are under the sound of your expectations and headphones to bring you whether there are deficiencies. The first headset can be used to bad, when you thoroughly familiar with a pair of headphones, and then change the new headset will bring you a great shock: the same song with a different headset really have such a big The difference! You will specifically experience the difference in all aspects. At this time, you can touch more headphones, compare the differences between the various manufacturers headphones like ~ you can in my answer what is the correct listening view? If you are just into the pit of the enthusiasts, I believe you can not understand, but can not understand the feeling of these nouns. But after playing a period of time headphones, these terms you gradually understand, and this time you will be the entry. I suggest that when the headset entry, no matter what style you listen to the song are selected a relatively moderation of the headset, because you are basically the evaluation of the headset and headphones in front of the comparison, if the first headset style is wonderful, It may lead to your understanding of the sound deviation.