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How to test the quality of a new headset

Sound quality of the term, the general general explanation is the quality of the sound. However, in the audio technology it contains three aspects:

sound pitch, that is, the intensity and amplitude of the audio;

sound tone, that is, the frequency of audio or the number of changes per second;

sound of the sound, that is, audio overtones or harmonic components. Judgment beats by dre studio of an audio product sound quality is good or bad, mainly to measure whether the sound of the three aspects of a certain level: that is relative to a frequency or frequency band, whether the pitch has a certain intensity, and in the required frequency range, the same volume , The frequency of the frequency is uniform, balanced, full, the frequency response curve is straight: the sound of the pitch is accurate, both faithfully show the source frequency or composition of the original face, the frequency of distortion and phase shift and meet the requirements; The sound of the overtone is moderate, the harmonics are rich, and the sound sounds beautiful.

There are some terms:

First, the sound quality: sound quality is the most basic evaluation of audio equipment, the most widely used terms.

Second, the sound: the sound will be the same as the light color, the sound the more softer the sound, the more cool the sound more hard. Sound can be 'beauty' 'noble' and other words to describe.

Third, the sound field sense: This includes the sound field shape, front and rear position, height, width, depth and other items.

Fourth, the sense of hierarchy: This is the sound field from the row after row of instruments to clear the degree of sound, as well as the instrument and the interval between the instrument clear degree.

5, positioning: simply say that the sound of human voice or instrument sound is Beats By Dre On Sale clear, to determine the exact location. Usually said that the sound is a good sense of positioning is not good.

Six, transparent sense: the best sense of transparency, the sound is not harsh is the most intuitive, each pair of ears for beats by dre wireless the sense of tolerance and intolerance are not the same degree of experience. So there is a different standard for the quality of transparency.

Seven, knot and body feeling: As the name suggests, strong image is the vague sound of the ability to condense into entities. In other words, the ability to show the sound of a human voice or musical instrument. When the knot is good, you can feel the stereo and stereo.

Eight, resolution: music subtle changes can be clearly expressed.

9, the overall balance: mainly refers to Beats Headphones Cheap the high, medium and low frequency of the appropriate sense of distribution. Reasonable high, low in the amount of sense is the overall balance, listening to music feel soft but flexible, bright, cheerful and there are levels, clear, fusion and three-dimensional sense of presence strong.