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How to use Bluetooth headset wireless Bluetooth headset usage

Bluetooth headset how to use? Bluetooth headset has also become increasingly popular, many people also began to use the Bluetooth headset to enjoy the convenience of listening. But it may not be that everyone will operate the first time. No contact with the Bluetooth headset people may ask how it is connected to the phone, how to use Bluetooth headset and other issues, the following, we will introduce you to the basic operation and use of Bluetooth headset. But whether it is smart phones or non-smart phones, the Cheap Beats Headphones vast majority of mobile phones will not support Bluetooth, Bluetooth in addition to the file transfer is a very good agreement, in fact, another major feature is to listen to the use of the call. We mentioned above, no contact with the Bluetooth headset friends may ask how to use the Bluetooth headset, this is a basic problem. In fact, Bluetooth headset and we did not imagine so high-tech, it is also used to listen to music tools, but it uses Bluetooth protocol to wireless transmission of sound quality, replacing the traditional wired connection.

Bluetooth protocol has been a number of versions of the evolution and upgrade, in the previous version of the Bluetooth protocol, due to the transmission efficiency constraints, making it not able to listen to music to achieve the required transmission speed, it is often used to communicate Call to use. This is what we often see before the mono communication Bluetooth headset. But the current Bluetooth protocol has been developed to version 4.0, in fact, Bluetooth transmission speed can support stereo music transmission, although the 4.0 version has just launched soon, the current commercial version of the Bluetooth 4.0 version of the headset is rare, but before a lot of Bluetooth Headphones have been used on the stereo design. This is what we often say that the Bluetooth headset - it is not only the phone headset tool, but a music to listen to and facilitate the equipment to answer. To use Bluetooth headset, you must have Bluetooth enabled devices, this device is not necessarily a mobile phone, it can be flat and computer and other digital products. Of course, there is little advantage of Bluetooth is backward compatible, it is generally not because of the different versions of the transmission is completely incompatible with the use of the phenomenon. Bluetooth headset how to connect the phone

Of course, most people who cheap beats use the Bluetooth headset must be considered the convenience of use, the purpose of choosing the Bluetooth headset is also mostly for portable use considerations, so many people are to go with their own smart phone to listen to music. Want to use the Bluetooth headset, you must first connect with the phone, this process we call it.

The current Bluetooth headset brand a lot, although the specific function of the operation may be slightly different, but the use of the process is basically the same pair. We have recently more popular Saier Bell headphones, for example, to introduce you to the Bluetooth headset connection process. We choose iPhone phone connection, in fact, no matter what the phone or Bluetooth headset, the connection is basically the same, and not much difference, if you will be a mobile phone and headset connection pair, then basically will Operation other headset connection used.

General phone Bluetooth options will be in the settings, we first need to open the Bluetooth function in the phone, and set to allow other devices can search to get. Usually in the top of the phone toolbar or some other prominent position with a Bluetooth icon display. When the Bluetooth is not connected, the icon should be grayed out, and the icon will become blue when connected. Then we need to find the headset switch button, Bluetooth headset will generally have the work of the light, in the open state will light up. Of course, we need to make the Bluetooth headset in a paired state to let the phone search for our Bluetooth audio device. Open the pairing state may be the function of each headset button is not the same, usually need to press the power button for a few seconds, we can follow the specific headset model instructions to operate.

When the pairing state, the Bluetooth headset light should be fast flashing, then the phone will search for the name or brand Bluetooth headset, we click on the match, if the phone shows the success of the pair, you can see the Bluetooth icon into blue At this time, we can use the headset to listen or call to use. In the successful work of the state, the Bluetooth headset lights will generally have a normal slow flashing tips.