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How to use headphones healthy?

So how can we use the headphones scientifically without hurting the ears?

1. wear headphones to master the "60 principle": often wear headphones, especially those who have built-in headphones, should grasp the principle of 60-60-60, which is internationally recognized the way to protect hearing, that is, listening to music, the volume should not exceed The maximum volume of 60%, continuous listening time not more than 60 minutes, the external sound is best not more than 60 decibels.

2. Select the headset: headphones are usually divided into wearing, ear hanging and ear type of three types, which is the smallest ear damage is wearing a head. Relatively speaking, long-term use of in-ear headphones in a noisy environment may cause damage to hearing.

3. Try not to listen to music in the noisy environment with headphones, in the subway, bus, to listen to the content will be involuntarily increase the volume. Especially in the subway, beats solo itself is a relatively closed environment, and then put Beats By Dre Sale on the headphones tightly pressed on the ears, the damage to the hair cells can be imagined. Listen to music, do not over-pursuit of sound quality, the low frequency sound is very large; in the room to listen to music should be reduced wearing headphones.

4. People who often Beats Headphones Cheap listen to music should pay attention to their hearing situation, when the emergence of tinnitus, ear stuffy, dizziness, attention and other phenomena, it should cause our vigilance. Once found hearing loss, should immediately visit.

All in all, modern people Cheap Beats By Dre often wear headphones to listen to radio, listen to music, watch video, etc., do have to strengthen learning, relax, cultivate the positive role of mood, but in public and really not suitable for listening to music with external speakers, so headphones in our Of life may occupy a very important role, but it will cause damage to our hearing can not be ignored.

Pay attention to the use of headphones, the right to use properly, the volume is appropriate, to prevent noise deafness, protection of hearing is essential, hope that everyone can be taken seriously, personally, especially love and enjoy music in the subway, watching movies Young friends should pay attention to their own hearing, put an end to "steal the hearing" situation.