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I do not know how to buy headphones? beats by dre Remember not to ignore it!

Because of the different age, now the human is more and more understand the "enjoy", of course, this enjoyment does not depend on whether there is a strong family Cheap Beats Headphones property, and some people will, quietly appreciate a short piece of music, is a pleasure The So, the question came, noisy noisy world, how can we find a pure land? Headphones will be a lot of people used up. However, a wide range of products, the choice is also a big problem, what should be in the choice of headphones to pay attention to what? Some people say that convenience, some people say that sound quality, yes, these are very important, but there is a little, but also Beats By Dre On Sale very important, but often people to ignore. The music has a higher demand beats by dr dre for the audience, the choice of more concerned about how the treble of the headphones, how the brightness, bass dive deep, but also with the amount of sense, the sound of the human voice before or after the sound is mellow and so on The But often in considering these is the time, will also ignore another very important issue, that is, headphones "sound field." Because the sound quality of the headset, restricting the performance of these problems. With the top level of the top level of tuning headphones, not the study of these treble and more beautiful, midrange more mellow, bass more fun, but in front of the listener to show a "can see" sound field. This can see the sound field, that is, we usually said the telepresence, that is, headphones "to create" virtual sound field capabilities. When you listen to music, as if the stage in front of you a certain distance to start, do not need to deliberately identify the location of the sound elements can feel, sound orderly, do not interfere, not a messy voice. Of course, the virtual sound field is a powerful headset positioning is also accurate, playing classical symphony or opera, can be particularly easy to reflect the sound of the headphones to create the ability. This is why we recommend using classical music to test the balance of equipment and HIF.

If the sound field to create a good ability, when listening, there will be from the inexplicable place out of somehow sound, business you have no level, messy. Like this situation, but also what to talk about the headset treble beautiful, midrange mellow, low volume sense? First listen to the feeling is not good, I believe there will not be listening to the mood. So, when we talk about headphones high school low frequency performance, it is not put aside the sound field of the headset, because the headphone sound field to create the pros and cons, but also a reflection of the level of headset tuning. Of course, good voice also focus on a good match, even the sound field is very good headphones, but also need to have a true HIFI front-end with, or is a waste. With a good virtual sound field to create the ability of the sound source, amp and headphones together, you can reproduce the live concert hall experience, so you can feel a big stage in front of the show effect.