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If you want to buy sports headphones may wish to look at how to buy

We all know that sports headphones are Beats By Dre On Sale designed for sports wear when the headphones, in order to be able to distinguish between the general headphones can be fixed in the wearing parts of the headset, the headset will not move the headset from the ear because of physical movement, With anti-splash, light and other characteristics, better ventilation, are open headphones. Part of the headset brand to adapt to the movement designed to be resistant to sweat, scalable telescopic headset cable (some even completely cancel the external wire), there are some accessories can be fixed headphones. Sports headset portable, durable and other advantages to make it in the hearts of fitness people play an irreplaceable role, today Xiaobian will introduce on the movement of headphones in the purchase process should pay attention to what matters? 1, the size is too small. His shaped object basically represents the size of his sound and battery, the kind of beats by dre small to the hair that you can not see what the battery put things, the use of time must be very short. Do not choose the opposite sex is too small, it must be a pit. You look at Sony's sports headphones regardless of any price, the size of the opposite sex is not small, other manufacturers of technology may not be advanced than Sony.

2, close to the headset on both sides of the wire control. This wire may fall in your ear, when the movement will be very difficult to Cheap Beats Headphones shake. Sony's sports headphones will not have this risk, even if there is a wire, will be a long distance from the headset, the wire will be hanging on the shoulder will not shake.

3, beats by dr dre two headphones separated. In the course of the movement of the headset will increase the probability of drop (who do not know what action you will make headphones fall), In addition, if he has a fixed design, then this design is likely to cause uncomfortable Feeling - relative to ordinary Bluetooth headphones.

4, too expensive. Whether you are waterproof headphones, are likely to use after a period of time there are water problems, and this problem is mostly not warranty.

5, there are hook design. If you wear glasses is likely to be uncomfortable

Overall, in the purchase process, first of all to clear the use of headphones, is designed for exercise during the wear it, or usually will use, is to pay attention to the exercise of wearing comfort, or value sound quality. In the movement when the use of headphones, in addition to fixed, but also need to consider the sound quality, running both in the outdoors or indoors, should pay attention to sound insulation, if the sound is not good, not only the details of the music will be covered, Will also be affected.