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In-ear headphones harm

The damage of sound to hearing is called noise in medical science, and noise is divided into chronic sound injury and acute sound injury.

Chronic sound damage. Refers to the slow progress of sensorineural hearing loss caused by long-term exposure to noise stimuli; this is called acute acoustic damage caused by a close-range explosion (such as a bomb bombing in a war), which is an instantaneous exposure to high-intensity impulse noise. caused. The damage caused by listening to headphones belongs to the former.

The severity of noise damage to hearing is mainly determined by the intensity of the noise and exposure time. The greater the intensity, the longer the exposure time, the more severe it is.

Therefore, in theory, the earphone's damage to hearing is mainly related to the volume of the listening music and Beats Headphones Cheap the time of wearing the earphone, and has nothing to do with the way of wearing.

An in-ear earphone user who listens to music for 3 hours a day and has a volume of 70 decibels per day is more likely to injure hearing than a normal earphone user who listens cheap beats to music for 5 hours a day and has a volume of 100 decibels. There should be no significant difference between the same volume of use Cheap Beats By Dre and the same amount of time.

According to the State's regulations on labor protection, the allowable standard for noise at eight hours is beats by dre 85 decibels, but it must not exceed 90 decibels.

As Zhiyou said, the primary manifestation of noise snoring is tinnitus, followed by hearing loss, and can even cause dysfunctions in the cerebral cortex, autonomic nervous system, heart, endocrine and digestive system.

However, the symptoms of hearing impairment can be fully recovered if they are detected early and intervened in time.

At the same time, in-ear headphones can to some extent be able to isolate part of the ambient noise, that is, in theory, in-ear headphones can use a smaller volume and hear more sound details. However, this has not yet been heard of relevant clinical trials to prove it.

As a headphone user for many years, I have used ordinary earbuds and earbuds. Now I use in-ear headphones.

Compared with wearing comfort, it is slightly better than in-ear style. Because mid to high-end in-ear headphones come in a variety of sizes of rubber or sponge, there is always one for you. The ear canal almost feels no pressure when worn. The common earplugs wear for a long time, and the external auditory canal feels painful.