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incredible! You use the headset every day actually so dirty

Headphones can be said that each of us will have an object, but a lot of people since the headset to buy no cleaning, that anyway, is their own use, it does not matter. In fact, your headset is absolutely a mess of a good player, because our ears have a lot of ear feces ah these dirty things will be attached to your earplugs. And the more serious is that beats earphones the wet, sticky surface of the earplugs will attract the bacteria to multiply and grow, and the bacteria on the surface of the earplugs will multiply a lot. Studies have shown that, after wearing earplugs, the number of bacteria in the ears will increase the amazing 11 times! And our fragile skin is particularly vulnerable to the secretion of pores and sebum and the impact of hormonal imbalance, so that the slender parts become a place where the filth, causing inflammation of the ear, infection and so on. So clean the headset is necessary, but how to clean the headset? If we are using severe headphones, beats by dr dre then it is recommended to use alcohol for weekly cleaning and disinfection of headphones. In addition, we use the headset, the headset sweat and other impurities to wipe off, do not use the headset, it should be stored in a clean and dry environment, and only to their own use, to avoid cross-infection. Here to recommend two very good headphones.

For music coffee, wearing a music headset, home can also follow the pace of music, experience the flexibility of the rhythm of music. This headset has a sophisticated process design, and through the 40mm high fidelity unit settings, showing a powerful bass performance. Very elegant and flexible one headset, ear hanging cable to provide suitable for anyone to wear, to ensure that the headset can be fixed beats solo in place, fine close to the ear sets can provide a good sound isolation. So whether it is sports or rest, this headset can create your own beautiful sounds of the song. With long battery life, you can standby ten days, lightweight body, comfortable to wear, you can rotate 180 degrees, with high-definition call function, dual noise reduction function. According to ergonomic design radians, headphones fit the ear, very comfortable.