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Life tips, headset maintenance tips

I believe that for many people who love music, the headset is essential, because the headset it can let us enjoy the music at any time to bring the good. But a relatively good headset action will be hundreds or even more expensive If you want the headset to be more longevity, headset Beats By Dre On Sale maintenance is very important. Do not look at the small head of the fact that it is hidden inside the details of the problem is still a lot, and some may we usually difficult to note beats by dre or ignored, it is an important factor affecting the life of the headset. If the headset line accidentally stained with sweat, water or grease must be wiped as clean as possible, because those things can easily cause some damage to the wire, the beginning of the wire will become hard, if the arrival of the temperature after the change Large, it is easy to cause cracking. At the same time the headset should try to avoid the use in the winter, because at lower temperatures, the wire is easy to become fragile, accidentally there will Beats By Dre On Sale be broken and so on. Headphones diaphragm in the factory will be relatively hard, in the beginning with the time, if the volume to the maximum, Cheap Beats Headphones it is likely to cause the headset diaphragm is difficult to restore to the original position, more serious even when the voice coil Burned, causing unnecessary losses, so when we first use the headset to try to avoid large volume.

Unit headphones the most important part of the use, we should use as far as possible away from the magnetic field and wet and other environments. Because the magnetic field will lead to the magnet magnetism of the unit is affected, which directly affects the sensitivity of the headphones; and moisture will cause the unit pad rust, resulting in serious partial sound situation. Do not wear headphones when sleeping. Because it is easy to sleep when the headset can cause oppression and headphone cable winding, or even serious when the shell will be crushed. With the headset is best not to smoke, smoking headset is easy to be careful not to be hot, soot more easily into the headset shell, and then stick to the shock film, after a long time its voice is wrong. Do not disassemble, because curiosity, always want to look at the headset solution. Accidentally hard to recover, so do not hurt the headset because of curiosity.