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Light as a wizard-like hidden in the ears, from the binaural wireless era

Smart phone is not only a communication tool, but also both audio and video entertainment and other important features, in order to enjoy music, 3.5mm headphone hole has been retained on the phone. And the continuous progress of science and technology, and now smart phones on the 3.5mm headphone hole choice to become the focus of the new debate. In the fierce debate, some mobile phone manufacturers to eat a "crab", and most of the mobile phone manufacturers are still waiting to see. It seems that the future of Bluetooth wireless stereo headset because of its lightweight, wireless, portable and other advantages or Beats Headphones Cheap there will be a certain market, but because of its small and easy to lose the shortcomings of our must face. Black carton packaging, packaging design on both sides of the open box gap, easy to open the beats solo box. Packaging black style and headset color consistent, I do not know the other color of the headset, whether the box will beats by dre studio be changed. Packaging on the back of the low-key display headset insured the domestic large insurance companies, after all, is built-in lithium battery equipment, which for the user's use of security to provide a reliable guarantee.

The interior design is deep, paper and sponge, headphones are properly placed in them. Headphones are small, but the accessories are very rich and very hard. Equipped with a pair of spare silicone earplugs, a USB charging cable, a fine headset charging seat, and a detailed instructions for use. The most heart of the accessories should belong to this exquisite charging seat, and he built-in lithium battery can be charged in the emergency time alone, this little bit can solve the big problem when the emergency. Headset charging sho storage bin in the design is not very novel place, but the novel is in its internal. Charging seat can be an external USB charging line charge, but also to charge their own headphones. Because of its internal design to join the 200mAh large capacity battery, no external charge line in the case, can beats solo be fully charged to the headset 5 times, and with an external power supply charge, just 40 minutes to headphones can be charged, to ensure that the user's Normal use. There is also a function of the charging seat is not in the headset is not used, he is still the headset portable storage box to prevent loss, and keep the headset at full power state.

Headphones at the bottom of the two contacts for the headset charging contacts, clever use of headphones within the strong magnetic magnet, charging the use of magnetic head will be firmly in the head of the charging seat. At the same time the headset indicator light will turn on red, to be fully charged will become green display. Two headphones in the shape and no difference between the use of the same operation. Both can be used as an independent Bluetooth headset alone or in combination. Knot the phone when using a enough, while listening to music and entertainment can also experience the two high-quality stereo music. Two use must be paired with each other and then connected to the phone, two headphones will automatically confirm the main and auxiliary distribution, while the headset will also voice prompt users, which is only the left channel headphones, which is only the right channel headphones.