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Listen to beats by dre studio the voice of the future and start with the right choice of headphones

March 3 is the earliest international day. The ear theme for this year is "Hear the Future, Start with Prevention." As we all know, the ear is an important organ for us to obtain outside information and communicate with others. Once hearing loss occurs, our work and life will be in trouble. At present, about 360 million people suffer from hearing impairment of varying degrees, accounting for 5.3% of the world's total population. Of these, 50% can be prevented by taking appropriate measures to prevent injury, but the neglect of hearing protection has caused this part. People's long-term Beats By Dre Sale hearing loss can no longer listen to future voices. So what is the relationship between earphone selection and hearing protection as a necessity for urbanites? Many people think that the headsets look similar and they can simply choose them. Actually, this is very inappropriate. Especially for heavy users such as call center agents, the design and quality of the headset are very important. To prevent hearing impairment

The customer service personnel usually work for 8 hours or even longer. If the earphone's structural design is not good enough, it will feel very uncomfortable to wear and it will directly affect work efficiency and mood. On this point, it may be difficult for many people who have not personally conducted telephone service. But think about it. If an office worker's chair is not comfortable, how can he be highly efficient? The customers who call the call center may be beats by dre in various environments, and some are quiet, but others are relatively noisy, such as on the road or in restaurants, especially when many customers use their mobile phones to dial in. Adds extra noise due to signal instability. As with hearing and vision, injuries are not relieved throughout life. The customer service personnel are exposed to noise for a long time. If there is no proper means to protect them, hearing will be greatly hurt. In the beginning, there may be earache, and then the hearing begins to decline. Eventually, as the age gets older, hearing will be much lower than the standard level.