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Listen to music equipment, talk about music of those things!

I always feel that music is with the soul, nice voice can always hear your heart inside; music is also a story, each song has a story behind their own. And I remember the earliest time the family is listening to the radio. Very old kind of, Sanyo. Every time in the grandfather live in the grandfather is like to open the radio to listen to the radio in the mobile device so rich in the moment, like music, in addition to the headphones can listen alone, as well as the following several listen to music good things, followed by a look It! In modern life, wearing a headset into a small partner new life habits, listening to the music everywhere can not do without it. As a movement for the design of the wireless headset products to meet the audience for a higher level of demand for sports; with high-end sound quality beats by dr dre and up to 10 hours of battery life, the use of titanium alloy TRAPLOCK engineering, can be hidden in the shirt under the collar , Only 15 minutes to charge, you can continue to play 2 hours; advanced anti-sweat technology, so wear in the sport can be more unscrupulous to feel the perfect combination of sound quality and movement.

Sound let you move hands do not have to be able to listen to what can be, you can accompany the story of the children, the elderly listen to drama, early to brush your teeth will be able to know the weather and news. There are memories to listen to the historical function of broadcast, hear the story of seamless connection, as well as subscription update tips, so you hear like the new things, covering 328 class audio content, so you want to hear anything can be. In the enjoyment of music at the same time, so that sports without burden, taking into account the safety of the night run, this sporty mini followers with cool flashing breathing light, not only to the night travel safety tips, but also very suitable for fluorescent night run Activities; the headset is the deepest feeling is that it wear comfort, the Beats By Dre On Sale use of human body ear and ear structure design, tight ear, solid and Beats By Dre Cheap" href="/">Beats By Dre Cheap no oppression, even if the extreme movement is still unimpeded. Headset main high-value and popular sense of hearing, out of the street and suction eyes. Shell surface similar to the effect of car matte paint, with a smooth line of the value of the line is very high, this headset tuning overall bias genre, more prominent part of the frequency of human voice, and focus on low-frequency performance, suitable for the trend of popular songs young people. Plus modeling fashion, rich colors, wear out naturally form a landscape, is full of energy, full of youth vitality.