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Listening : The science of ear protection

For music lovers, hearing is like oxygen, and you can't live without it. Although hearing is so important, the number of hearing-impaired people in the Western world still grows very fast. Excessive volume of music, from iPod headphones to car stereos to large horns at music festivals, are the causes of hearing impairment. About one in five people in Europe suffers from hearing loss. How hearing is produced: The waves pass through the ear canal and then to the eardrum. The eardrum transmits vibrations through the middle ear bone or drum chain and then into the cochlea of ??the inner ear. Thousands of hair cells in the cochlea receive vibrations, and the vibrations are converted into electrical signals that reach the brain through the auditory nerves. The brain hears a sound and understands what the sound is. There are two kinds of hearing impairment: one is sensorineural deafness and the other is tinnitus.

Sensorineural deafness is the perception of sound waves in the inner ear and the auditory nerves are no longer normal. Your hearing is normally attenuated by aging, but if you are constantly exposed to excessive volume, hearing will decay very quickly. You may not realize that if an activity worsens your hearing or your ears jingle with tinnitus, your ears have been exposed to high volume for too long. Ears ring tinnitus and tinnitus means that the hair cells in your inner ear are dying, causing a certain frequency to be heard. In addition, the ear cannot be "strengthened" at high volume. If you listen to the ear for a while, then it is a kind of hearing loss.

Tinnitus is the sensory noise (bell bell or buzz), which is caused by an auditory nerve disorder or deafness. Tinnitus can only be heard by the patient. Tinnitus can be caused by sudden or prolonged exposure to high volume. Tinnitus is helpless, and even a movie describes the situation s All Gone Pete Tong). Van Gogh also cut his ears. (The rumor has pointed out that severe tinnitus is the main cause of this mysterious ear-cutting event). Tinnitus affects many musicians and millions of people. It can lead to serious depression and even suicide. Tinnitus is really a matter of life and death.

In order to let you understand what the volume is after it starts harming your hearing, please refer to the following table. The average nightclub volume is approximately 100db, and the range of outdoor performance stage sounds may range from 90db to 140db. It's interesting to reduce it by half of every three decibels and you can stay in a high-volume environment, but 3 decibels doesn't sound twice as loud. Scientists figure out that adding 10 decibels sounds twice as loud.

Despite spending a lot of time investigating the investigation, there is still no cure for tinnitus or hearing impairment. Both are treatable, but none of them can be denied that these are irreversible injuries. For example, hearing aids can be installed, but this only helps you to communicate with others, but still cannot listen to them normally. Even if you spend $980 a year on expensive hearing aids, you won't get a perfect voice. When you compare Beats Headphones On Sale" href="/">Beats Headphones On Sale cheap beats the cost of the earbuds, with filter earbuds (US$13-20) or custom earbuds (US$150+), everyone knows which method to use.

The treatment of tinnitus is even more disappointing. The only advice is that learning and tinnitus coexist. Tinnitus is a problem in the brain more than in the ears. Scientists are still looking for the cause of the actual tinnitus. The appropriate therapy is of course unclear. Tinnitus Although there is no curable treatment, there are still ways to improve it, such as avoiding stress, proper rest, and avoiding irritants (such as smoking, coffee, alcohol, etc.). Other suggestions include white noise, psychotherapy, and group therapy while sleeping.

In daily life, you can also buy earphones with noise isolation function, so that you don't increase the volume due to too much noise around Beats By Dre On Sale you. Noise Isolation Headphones usually have rubber or silicone rings to prevent noise from entering the headphones. When you use the speaker to play music, you can use the decibel measurement app, although not quite accurate, but it can give you a rough idea of ??how loud the music is and adjust to a moderate volume. If you are at high volume but do not need to listen clearly, such as shooting range, construction site, use earplugs in addition to soundproof earmuffs, there are many other ways to protect the ear and does not beats solo affect your experience.

Many people believe that hearing problems do not happen to them or cause permanent harm. They do not understand that hearing problems will become more apparent over time than suddenly. Just ask people who have tinnitus or early-onset hearing loss. They will tell you that they want to find problems and treatments early. It is usually too late to deal with hearing problems. At a thundering nightclub for a few hours, a friend was found to have serious hearing problems that made you aware of the severity of hearing problems. For music lovers, hearing is an invaluable ability. It must be taken care of, just like you treat your favorite vinyl records or instruments. Protecting your ears requires only a small amount of effort. Conversely, the cost of hearing impairment is so great. How should you treat your ears clearly enough?