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Looking for quiet sound noise reduction headset advantage?

Noise reduction headset where the demand? This era has been inseparable from the music, and the pursuit of music quality is also gradually improved. So noise reduction headphones came into being, when it comes to noise reduction headphones, we will not be unfamiliar, even if not used, should also be heard. From the function and use of the product, the Beats Headphones On Sale noise reduction headset is a very good product, it is for people's hearing, and even physical and mental health have a very good health care. The simplest to say that it can effectively reduce the external noise, give us a quiet world; especially in the aircraft, subway, bus and other noise pollution more environment, the most suitable for the use of noise reduction headphones. Of course, in addition to the above mentioned scenes, in our daily lives we will also use noise reduction headphones. For example, is now facing the computer screen codeword editing, ears often wear a noise reduction headphones. The reason is simple, in an open environment under the code article, I need a relatively quiet environment in order to better focus and thoughts, work efficiency can be improved. Noise-free headphones in this area can give me help, at least after wearing headphones, my world clean 1/3. And was part of the headset filter out, that is, noise.

Noise-free headphones Since so good, why can always feel this market has been tepid? I think there are two reasons: 1. Price; 2. Habit. A good point of noise reduction headset prices are basically in the thousand or so, which for most ordinary consumers is very difficult to accept. All along, people's habits are ordinary headphones, Bluetooth headset and HiFi headphones, but for the noise headphones seem to always have no interest. After all, from the user's point of view, noise reduction is not just need, sound quality is the most important. Talking about noise reduction headphones Currently on the market noise reduction headphones are active noise reduction and passive noise reduction two, our daily ear ear is a passive noise reduction, in fact, is the headset into the ear canal, the physical way to sound Noise reduction. The advantage is low cost, but the noise reduction effect is not obvious, especially for sustained low-frequency noise is almost no filtering effect; but is the voice, whistle and other important tone weakened. Passive noise reduction technology looks a bit pit father, active noise reduction is different, it is through the headset pickup microphone to collect external ambient noise, then the noise into a digital signal, and through the built-in chip Cheap Beats Headphones processor to calculate a reverse Of the waves to offset the noise. So technically speaking, the effect of active noise reduction is much better than passive noise reduction, low frequency noise filtering is obvious, and will not filter out such as human voice, car speakers and other necessary high-frequency signals; in noisy environments using natural effects obvious. But if the sound from the sound, the active noise reduction technology is a double-edged sword, active noise reduction headphones in the calculation of noise reduction signal will be unconscious to calculate the opposite wave with the audio signal, resulting in signal loss, direct performance Is the sound quality decline. Active noise reduction technology not only involves the traditional acoustics, but also involves the algorithm, the processor, the internal circuit design, and the actual environment of the sound sampling also has a great relationship, so only a strong technical precipitation of the old manufacturers to simultaneously reduce noise and sound quality it is good. In fact, for ordinary users, noise reduction headset is still a more professional products, after all, it is coming out from the professional market. Initially, noise-canceling headphones were used on aircraft to eliminate engine noise, resulting in a more tranquil effect. At present, noise reduction headset is still the use of this area, more or with the aircraft, rail beats solo traffic beats by dre studio bundled together for publicity. Although the noise reduction headphones have been civilian, but the whole process of civilization is not very deep, the form is relatively simple. Since the first time a few years ago the use of noise reduction headphones, I have always thought it is a good thing, is worth recommending to each person to use the product, not just limited to the above mentioned several scenes. Living in this era has been seriously polluted by noise, to find a peace has become a little extravagant; maybe you will think I am a bit exaggerated, but every day on the subway to see people wearing headphones silent meditation when I Will feel: the heart of a quiet for busy and anxious we are how important it is generally speaking, the emergence of noise reduction headphones listen to friends is a good thing, although we do not necessarily buy to use, but this Has marked a progress, technology is developing at all times, one day, we can experience the pure tone.