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Love music, sleep can not stop sleeping with these headphones

Many of my friends like to Cheap Beats By Dre" href="/">Cheap Beats By Dre lie in bed playing mobile phones, the author is no exception, hey ~ weekends and beats by dre wireless often listen to music while brushing microblogging, not a while fell asleep at night that often with headphones fall asleep. Lying to wear headphones is too inconvenient, almost unable to sideways. Therefore, friends who like to lie down and beats solo play mobile phones basically have their ears, commonly known as "sleep plug." Put on your memory foam earplugs sleeves to wear very comfortable to wear, do not even feel the headset, and sometimes lying in bed sideways to see what a drama is no pressure. For the appearance of the earplugs, a change of style before the three units, using a new design and a new mold. The new four-cell cavity looks more like the aircraft's engine feel. The use of oxygen-free copper wire material, the appearance of the use of red and black color and red wire winding design looks more like the traditional HiFi wire twisted texture. Removable wire design, make the headset more playable. Earphone earplugs are also well-designed earplugs have pits inside the design, the official explanation of this design can restore a more pure sound.

Shell made of titanium cheap beats alloy, and a layer of black lacquer, the visual effect is very good, with the same texture as ceramic. The front of the cavity is black engineering plastic, the model of the earplugs is printed on the surface, and the left and right channel marks are arranged on the surface of the cavity. A silver and yellow aluminum stabilizer is slightly sandwiched between the two parts of the cavity.