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Microphone use instructions and precautions

Maybe many people think that when they pick up the microphone, they can talk. Actually, if you want Beats By Dre On Sale the microphone to emit high-quality sound, its use is also a selective microphone. It should be based on the occasion and the requirements on the quality of the sound. Combine the characteristics of various microphones and consider them comprehensively. For example, high-quality recording and broadcasting mainly require good sound quality. Capacitive microphones, aluminum ribbon microphones, or high-quality dynamic microphones should be selected. For general sound reinforcement, common moving coils can be used; when the position of the speaker is not When moving or speaking, there is a large distance from the amplifier, such as karaoke singing, microphones with low directionality and low sensitivity should be used to reduce noise interference. The use of condenser microphones requires phantom power. Generally, the power supply voltage is specified in the technical parameters of the microphone. To select the phantom power of the appropriate voltage, the mixer is usually equipped with 48V phantom power. Select microphones, should be based on the use of the occasion and the requirements of the sound quality, combined with the characteristics of a variety of microphones, comprehensive consideration. For example, high-quality recording and broadcasting requires sound quality. Capacitive microphones, aluminum microphones, or high-quality moving coil microphones should be used. For example, karaoke singing should be used, and unidirectional, low-sensitivity microphones should be used. When using the microphone, the output impedance of the microphone is the same as the input impedance of the amplifier. If the mismatch ratio is greater than 3:1, the transmission effect will be affected. For example, when a 50锟斤拷 microphone is connected to an input impedance of 150, although the output can increase by approximately 7Db, the high and low frequency sounds will suffer a significant loss.

The output voltage of the microphone is very low. In order to avoid loss and interference, the connection cable must be as short as possible. The high quality microphone should be a beats by dre studio double-core twisted metal shielded cable. Generally, the microphone can use a single-core metal shielded cable. The length of high-impedance microphone transmission line should not exceed 5 meters, otherwise the high tone will be significantly lost. The connection of the low resistance microphone can be extended to 30m--50m. Usually, the working distance between the microphone and the mouth is 750px--1000px. If the distance is too far, the reverberation will increase and the noise will increase. If the working distance is too close, the signal will be too strong and distorted, and the low-frequency sound will be too heavy. The clarity of the language. This is because the directional microphone has a "near-talking effect", that is, when the short-distance broadcast, low-frequency sound will be significantly improved. However, sometimes singers intend to make use of "nearly effective?" to make the singing Beats Headphones Cheap more beautiful and sounding. Each microphone has its own effective angle. Generally, the sound source should be aligned with the centerline of the microphone. The larger the declination angle between the two microphones, the greater the loss of treble. Sometimes when using a microphone, there is a "long bang" sound. At this time, the microphone is beats earbuds deflected at some angles to reduce some of it.