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New headphones must burn machine?

Today, we explore the issue of new headset burning machine, and now many people in the choice of a certain type of demand when the majority will be in advance to understand, and then start. Headphones are the same, in order to choose a favorite headphones, we will know a lot in advance, but after thousands of selection of headphones after the hand, but did not expect the sound quality so good, and even feel the sound of all kinds of problems, which involves a problem, New headphones must burn machine?

Perhaps their own online look at the evaluation, or ask the old burner recommendations and experiences, the most important reason is to select the overall quality of their own mind to meet the headphones.

But it is not only in their own time to understand, but also spent a lot of money in the above, get the headset excited out of the box to listen to the time, dumbfounded - this sound is not how ah! There is a serious by the manufacturers advertising Flicker feeling, but also did not like the old burn that so nice ah, in fact, the new headset is necessary to burn machine.

In fact, just get the head of the headset, like a newborn, need a period of training, the bones can be more robust, he can learn to walk ah! Headset also need to go through a period of time, that is, "warm-up" The sound will be getting better and better, to be able to achieve the product design target sound quality level, which is a new headset burning machine process, even if you do not burn machine, but also to naturally listen to some time, this can be considered burning machine process, In short is the need to run together.

This process is what we often say "burning machine", especially in the high file headphones, they are particularly different in the burning machine before and after the difference.

Because the sound of the headset is through the sound inside the film, the diaphragm sound through the vibration. Through a period of time playback, the diaphragm will gradually eliminate the compact state, the sound details will be more full and supple. Other parts are the same, after a period of time will slowly enter the normal sound quality state.

So the new headset must burn machine, it is best to headphones connected to the sound source with a moderate beats headphones volume of playback for some time, another different headset on the burning machine time requirements are different, some special models of high-end headphones, need to burn machine for a long time to Beats Headphones On Sale have Good sense beats by dre studio of hearing