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New headset to pay attention to what use?

The new headset needs to run as a new car. Headphones, especially the speaker parts are high precision parts, this component material is generally synthetic materials, the new phase of relative toughness, need to use a mild way to let it slowly into the state, this process we call "pot." Headphones "pot" good, its sound quality and life will have a greater help. Praise the headset method: 1, after receiving the headset, the first two days of music around three hours during the day and night with the radio white noise, that is, we hear Cheap Beats By Dre the noise, the volume is usually two-thirds of listening After the volume is normal sound, the old fire enough to accept 100 hours into the ear, 300 hours into the furnace, after the basic praise headphones, you can listen to the normal! 2, every day with music praise headphones three or four hours, the middle of rest for 30 minutes, and then put three or four hours to rest, adhere to a minimum of ten hours a day. So the fire cycle to about 100 hours of basic open sound, the first two days or not too much volume, so as not to damage the beats earphones diaphragm! Praise 200 to 300 hours later, the headset has been in the Beats By Dre Sale" href="/">Beats By Dre Sale state of beats solo praise, you can always enjoy the music! 3, usually normal daytime songs on the OK, slowly to Night radio normal volume waiting for overnight 200 ~ 300 hours, the headphones naturally praise open!