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Often with headphones, how to protect the ears

The so-called passive noise reduction technology, refers to the passive way to block the interference of external noise.

Ear ear plugs through the ear plugs into the ear canal, effectively preventing the outside noise. Ear earplugs for hearing there is no damage, this should be relative to ordinary earplugs.

In the use of earplugs, because the ear earphones than ordinary earplugs can better noise, so as long as a small volume can be able to achieve very good results, from this point of view ear earphones than ordinary earplugs but more Protect hearing. But because of the ear ear ear into the ear canal part, this on the health of the ear canal caused a great impact.

Ear ear is mainly the ear plug sleeve into the external auditory canal part

The biggest problem with the ear ear is the health problem, the ear part of the earpiece is Beats By Dre Sale to be inserted into the external auditory canal, which can not help but bring some dust beats earbuds and the like debris.

Many friends do not use the earbuds when the earplugs will be free to put, this is not desirable, to the ear earplugs to a dedicated portable box or portable bag.

The second is the ear earplugs is best not to share with others, because it will make the possibility of cross-infection of ear canal disease greatly increased. The last is the earbuds on the earbuds of the best regular cleaning or replacement.

Ear-ear earplugs are revolutionary products of earplugs that can be better protected if used properly, but if you can not maintain the hygiene of earplugs, the damage to the ear is Cheap Beats Headphones also great. In addition to health problems, the use of ear ear plugs also require users to use a smaller volume, so as to effectively ensure the user's hearing health.