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On the sound of "knot"

It is a very important attribute when you appreciate the film and restore the classical music (especially in large compilation), and can even be regarded as the core attribute of hifi. Here is a brief introduction. The resolution we should not be difficult to understand, but as important as the resolution of the hifi attribute, the feeling of knot, it seems that many new friends do not know, here is a beats by dr dre brief introduction to it, by the way why IE8 value that price The If the burning box, then the feeling of the sensor should be able to directly feel, low-frequency stability, positioning quasi-good, full of good boxes, the beats by dre studio knot is generally ok knot with a metaphor, it should be similar to the inside of the lens focus. Sound and pattern, you can also focus on a point or face

Therefore, the sound field associated with the sound quality factors are mainly positioning and depth there is a sense of form, so that the larger range of sound field in the case, we can feel a stereo.

Of course, the word alone is the word, that is, the image of the sound condensation it There are certain requirements for positioning, but not the primary, the sound field width has a certain requirement, but not the first, the depth is the highest requirements, the location of the wrong will lead directly to the group of knots like the cup (that is, the so-called environmental knot concept ).

From the solo knot, for example, the sound of the flute, the occurrence of the form should be a very small range, slightly larger than a point of space, and the knot to be stable (low frequency requirements, low frequency is not enough, Erratic) and the piano is the shape of 2 cubic meters of space generated by the piano box resonance form, this time you hear is more vague than the sound of the flute, divergent fast, there is a certain reverb and contains a large number of overtone The sound of the image, it can be very transparent, but the burst will not be sharp (high-frequency overtones section of the lack of energy, high frequency easy to get out of control, ue moving iron is often a lack of loudspeaker segment of the residual signal).

Here on the equipment of the low-frequency quality requirements are very high, intuitive to say that if the percussion class low-frequency instruments, the bass is issued to be able to hear a larger drum surface shape, if the feeling of low frequency dive, , But the drum is a small point, not a face, then the headphones of the knot ability is relatively bad another good sense of knot, you are able to hear a vocal mouth, is big or small, if Is a face, the sound is not enough cohesion, then it is very bad. Or even to determine the amount of breath of a song. Percussion to say that the request is to be able to hear the size of the drum, to be able to feel a stable diaphragm vibration form.

The sound of the divergence effect and the degree of cohesion on the headset is a need to choose the question, one of them will have a experience of the situation, Beats By Dre Sale when we open the big player when the sound, the sound will be more cohesive, but may produce poor Listen, and when the volume beats by dre is small, the sound sounds more casual. So the sense of knot on the front end, especially the power amplifier needs will not be worse than the headset equipment, which is especially for the speaker, the ideal state is that we need at the right volume at the same time have a better voice condensation and divergent sense of blur.

Finally, the most important part of the sense of knot is the most difficult part of the interpretation, that is, the group of knot (energy field knot sense), to complete a complete demonstration of energy and decline in the process, especially mixed with string group and tube When the musicians play together. This involves a trade-off problem mentioned above. In addition, this also involves a device system dynamic reduction capabilities.