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Perfect five steps to make the home sound comparable to the theater sound quality

For the public, in the home theater to enjoy the audio and video effect is not as good as the professional theater, then what is the cause of it? First of all, the quality of equipment, of course, occupy a large part of the environment and film source and so on are caused by the huge difference between the theater and the family, then for professional audio and video enthusiasts, how to make home professional audio system can be comparable to the effect of professional cinema In the quality of similar products, how to build a beautiful digital audio and video room? The following starting from the purchase for everyone one by one analysis:

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Congenital elements are important: Speaking of home sound, really "three rely on, seven by election." After all, we are not DIY sound master, more is the purchase of ready-made products, and products are usually manufactured by the manufacturers pre-packaged, and thus how to choose, configure a "congenital" good sound, we become the first To do it.

Ordinary home sound system can Beats By Dre Cheap be divided into three parts: audio, power amplifier and pronunciation unit. As a home, the source can use a common disc player or a professional laser player. Ordinary We do not advocate the use of MD player, although from the auditory speaking, MD's sound quality and CD is not much difference, but MD's voice is, after all, after the compression of the product, the size of the music capacity than the CD one or two smaller Naturally there will be losses, and the most authentic CD-ROM and CD-ROM or there are differences. If you choose a DVD player, then the 5.1-channel jack behind is essential, on the Dolby AC-3 decoding, DTS decoding should also provide support, do not choose the built-in amplifier products.

Amplifier selection is important, but there is an important criterion is the amplifier and speakers to try to do "power matching, impedance matching." Simply put, the amplifier and the speaker is the relationship between the horse and the car, whether it is "big horse car" or "small horse cart" will seriously affect the efficiency of the system, as well as damage to the system components, and thus match the yard is the first to do of. Otherwise the speaker system is not appear weak, dry, that is, hoarse hoarse.

In addition to pure music amplifier, the AV amplifier is a home sound or home theater selection more than the amplifier. But because all the speaker unit amplifier are concentrated in this, so in the high, medium and low performance of different ranges will be limited, it depends on what you pay more attention to the sound. Ordinary We recommend that the larger output power of the amplifier is 1.5 times the rated power of the loudspeaker, and the bass part is higher. But the sound of the sound should not use the amplifier to "find" speakers, Cheap Beats By Dre speakers can be said to be the most important part of the sound, after all, the whole system of "voice" in it, the texture of the difference will directly affect the final sound quality performance. So we prefer to recommend the first speaker and then set the amplifier.

Currently on the market speaker products mainly by the unit and the box two parts, according to the composition is divided into tweeter, midrange unit, woofer and subwoofer unit. Box is our first to see and come into contact with the speaker part. Technically speaking, the wooden box than other materials, the sound of the box better, and the solid wood box is the wooden box in the top grade. In the choice of the box when we can tap and move to feel the box board wood sound and texture, ordinary voice clean, loud, feel heavy box sound effect is also better. The texture of the pronunciation unit depends on the skills of the manufacturers.

But it is worth noting that in the treble of the Department of silk film tweeter and metal diaphragm tweeter better performance, sound clear, happy, good transient response, can effectively enhance the transparency and penetration of treble audio. As for the subwoofer is able to use paper diaphragm or canvas diaphragm, due to the greater flexibility of the material, so the sound is more pure and flexible. In the woofer, especially the woofer on the purchase should pay attention to the edge of the diaphragm and the flexible convergence of the bracket, the material is secondary, the key is to go through the percussion and touch, see the diaphragm on the stent can have enough Vibration space. Especially the woofer, if the vibration amplitude is small, the diaphragm stroke is relatively small, bass strength and flexibility will be greatly reduced.

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Want to listen to genuine discs: a lot of people think that CD-ROM is a digital media, even if the piracy, the quality of music will not have much loss, and the price is much cheaper, and thus want to purchase pirated discs to "enrich" my "fever" Library.

In fact, pirated discs are really in the use of things. Because it is not copied from the master disc, and thus pirated discs are usually missing code, wrong code situation, and because of rough manufacturing, sound from the sound of the sound is far from the genuine discs come true. Some of the application of sound leakage system with ears can be heard out, obviously will feel the midrange area is pale, high, bass zone is rough and stiff, people listen not only not enjoy, but more anxious. By the way, some people may ask: that I buy pirated music to enjoy the popular music composition, right? This option is still viable if you are not worried about the disc player or player burner head. In fact, Xiao Zhu think to buy pirated music is not only the burning machine, and not the original sound quality, from a certain level that is not as easy to listen to MP3.

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Listening room planning: listening room is the home sound of the "practice song room", that is listening to the room, in fact, is our residence of a room only, but why should we call it listening room? Because it and other rooms are not the same, in order to listen to stop the special transformation.

First of all, large space on the sound of the spread and extension of great benefits, so we propose to listen to the room selected in more than 15 square meters of the room. Room height should not be too large, one to install the sound-absorbing material costs higher, followed by the sound in the higher space diffusion is likely to constitute a bad reverberation.

Second, listen to the room should choose neither noise nor noise interference position, to prevent noise affect the listening effect. Again, sound-absorbing material must be installed, usually thick curtains, tapestries, shelves can also play a sound-absorbing effect. But should not be too thick sound-absorbing layer, sound-absorbing layer is too thick will make the reverberation effect seriously landed, as if listening to Beats By Dre Sale" href="/">Beats By Dre Sale the sound in the prairie, the sound has gone back. Not only sound tedious, but also on the sound field positioning will also form a very bad influence. Speaking of which, we must mention the role of tapestry. Tapestry is both decorative and sound absorbing layer. Not only beautiful and applicable, but also according to our feel full of sound level can be exchanged at any time.

In addition, the structure of the room and the internal furnishings should not be too symmetrical, or in the room easily constitute the local frequency band of the standing wave and resonance, destroy the sound field balance in the proportion of sound. Placed articles & mdash; & mdash; repeatedly try to build sound field. The sound of moving home is not free to put a "POSE" everything is fine. Even the bass unit, 5.1 channel, 6 speakers should have their own posts. Central speaker is usually the main voice, so its role can not be ignored. In general, the middle of the speaker placed in front of the auditory room visual center position is better, for example, above the TV. However, due to the speaker magnetic cylinder and the TV field and the vibration of the speaker and the TV shell between the mutual influence, the direct display will usually produce bad sound effects. So we propose that the speaker can be placed in a slightly higher than the TV stand alone, the location should not be too high. On the screen of a projection screen, there is no front and rear restrictions.

Left and right of the main speaker position requirements symmetry planning in the center speaker on both sides of the interval not too close, and the center of the speaker before and after the interval is better to listen to the location as the center was curved. Up and down the location of the main speaker in the middle of the tweeter in the center of the speaker up and down 0.3 meters position is appropriate. Similar to the ground directly on the way or the ceiling will make the alley position deviation from the better angle, people feel the sound field disorder. If the use of the bookshelf speakers, no speaker cabinet under the conditions of better device bracket to ensure that the speaker is highly moderate. The role of the surround speakers are mostly in order to create the proliferation and breadth of the sound field, and thus settled in the top half a meter above the location of more appropriate. Present the sound field needs you feel free to adjust according to personal feel. Bass due to the weak point, so the location of the woofer is usually no hard request. If it is not a professional enthusiast, the location of the woofer can only be without a hindrance.

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Sound running needs of the step by step: the use of sound and the same car, the same demand run-in period, especially the new sound system to buy. In the initial stage of use, do not as a karaoke hall speaker, look at the sound tune up, we recommend that you use the initial volume control in the larger output of about a quarter, after 72 hours of use time After the output can be appropriately increased to about one-half. Usually we do not recommend that you turn the volume to more than two-thirds to stop using it. The volume is too large not only break the pronunciation unit of the rated power better output status, and too strong sound field is not conducive to a variety of sound, instrument sound positioning and performance, it sounds like a mess, in addition to shock the momentum What beauty is not to mention.