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Play headphones do not understand this truth, the white play

A lot of early burning to see what the player to buy what, and their own headset, only to find that there is no online so "nice", feel the style of the song have changed, so how to do the first burner to headphones and play With a relatively reasonable, less spent wasted money? Not easy to see this problem is very complicated, in personal preferences, favorite style, player headset does not match, etc. may have a relationship. Our ability and limited knowledge can only talk about our understanding of classical and popular two-style music equipment requirements. Classical music generally requires the equipment to be high enough, the details should be clear and clear. HD800 impedance 300 ohms, enough of the reserve power in order to give full play to it when listening to classical music on the big dynamic can reach the loudness

And popular music more hope to highlight the personal style, such as some friends like to hang soft, soft and even distortion of the sense of hearing, these are no problems, beats by dre wireless are personal likes and beats by dre dislikes. Classical music on the hardware reduction of the high demand, and pop music more hope to add some dyeing. With a large headset then player, found the sound weak, what is the reason? How can you play with the strength of big headphones? Mainly may be caused by thrust, because the big headphones generally high impedance, the voltage and current requirements are high, and portable players because the volume relationship can not provide such a high voltage and current. In addition to the purchase of players and headphones or recommended when the majority of Shaoyou as much as possible with multiple combinations, do beats by dr dre not casually "blind spy", I wish you all the right equipment.