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Play the headset experience to share the four steps to solve the problem

Play headphones for so many years, can be considered a little experience, so there will always be a lot of people in life to let me recommend headphones, I personally feel is a zealous person, like to help others, it makes me kind of pleasant feeling, but said the truth , Sometimes very annoying, because some of the problems so I do not know how to answer, if a person do not know what they want to go to seek help, which makes the favor of human feelings?

I have some headaches, because the demand is not clear, so I have to step by step to ask, to understand the "he" needs, and then recommend, really people feel tired ah! So, If you need someone else to recommend headphones, or to buy a headset, we must have a few clear:

1, budget

That is, how much money you are going to spend, the world to buy anything should have a psychological price range in my opinion, the budget is something to buy anything before the brain must be the most annoying is those who vowed " , Which makes me recommend no worries, how can I guess you are prepared to spend on how much headphones? Headset industry, although not large, but there are thousands of headset models there have been encountered, said it does not matter, the results recommended To recommend to go around a big circle to buy a 200 yuan entry headphones, if the early that can be recommended directly, So, buy headphones before the first point is to think beats headphones about the budget.

2, wear type and use of the environment

Headset wear type is generally divided into three categories:

In the ear: that is, stuffed into the ear canal

Wearing: that is, we see the cover in the ears

Flat head: stuffed into the ear

And nearly these years with the popularity of ear-style headphones, flat head headphones in the extinct edge of the market, the optional products have been very few, well-known only Sennheiser MX985, MX375, MX365 and several other models, And similar to beats by dre B & O A8, innovative AIR this ear hanging ear head is a hybrid body it!

As for the headphones, but also can be divided into closed, semi-open, open, the difference is the sound effects are gradually weakened; and most of the semi-open, open headphones are home models, not suitable for use, the most Popular is the closed headset, a small number of suitable for use, the head is generally designed for the home.

The advantages of the ear-style is the sound insulation effect is good, the disadvantage is the heavier sense of foreign matter; flat head is the advantage of foreign body is not strong, but the sound effects in general; headset completely covered or pressed on the ear, the advantages of good sound insulation No Beats By Dre Cheap foreign body sensation, and the appearance is more cool fashion, the disadvantage is that the design is not comfortable, then there will be a sense of oppression, and summer hot phenomenon.

So, if you want to buy a headset, be sure to clear your own wear needs and the use of demand.Of course, many people do not know their wearing needs, then, please clear your use of the environment, such as you only at home, or only On the road with, or in most cases are used, the recommended person can make judgments based on your use of the environment. Oh, I seem to have their own chaos, uh, meaning the basic expression clear.

3, confirm the use of the source

In fact, the above two points, as long as the general is to play headphones can already be recommended, and ask the question is how you use the source (that is, what equipment.) At present, most people are using mobile phone tablet or computer as Sound source, but some people have a music player or sound card, so let others recommend before you know the equipment you use, which can also narrow the recommended range.

4, your listening type

Above you have to determine, in fact, the following is what you like to listen to music, you like the sound rock, then you can recommend your transient low-frequency strong headphones, if you like folk rumors, you can recommend you IF full and delicate, if omnivorous , You can recommend the most balanced. In short, explain your listening type, so you can further narrow the recommended range, to this step, under normal circumstances can not recommend more than three headphones, according to brand needs and shape requirements can be very fast To make a choice.