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Professional sound system in the sound conditioning surgery

The mixer is the most important equipment in the professional sound system, it can be multi-channel input signal amplification, mixing, distribution, sound quality modification and sound processing. In recent years, with the audio digital network technology matures, the world's leading mixer manufacturers have launched a distinctive digital network mixer.ROLAND also specifically developed for this REAC multi-channel cheap beats network audio transmission technology, through a CAT5e Network cable to achieve 40-channel audio transmission. REAC technology ROLAND V-Mixing series mixer, effectively avoid the analog system in the external noise on the signal interference, transmission noise and signal attenuation problems, and greatly reduces the system delay time. Yamaha not only has the function The powerful digital mixer also has software that can be wirelessly controlled through Apple's Pad tablet, which greatly speeds up the bursting of debugging, while also reducing the workload of the tuner.

The rise of the array does not make the analogue console exit the stage of history, it still has a specific advantage. If the analog console beats by dre studio at the same price is not as powerful as the digital mixer, it is better than the number of speakers in terms of ease of use and sound quality, because the digital mixer is too functional and limited in cost Its input in terms of sound quality. The new Lexus Group released two new MACKIE Macchiese PROFX1 6 and PROFX22 analog mixers with a USB interface, which not only increased beats earbuds the input channel due to large-scale applications The number of, but also provides a dedicated inline compressor, can be used to deal with human voice, bass electric guitar and other audio transient adjustment, 3-band active equalizer and integrated 32-bit processor can make a better sense of sound, The USB output / input interface is used to record the entire scene and play back the music on the computer to the live mix. Guangzhou Avem show the United States Budweiser a model for the RQ 200 mixer is Budweiser RQ series in the most cost-effective mixer, with a unique 9v battery-powered system, which can effectively prevent power-down caused by the system crash Two microphones are designed with a patented preamplifier designed to avoid loss of signal, distortion and noise: MIC. LINE independent gain sharing design allows the microphone and the line to be used simultaneously.

As users continue to improve the audio matrix technology, how to provide users with a more simple, more manageable, DSP processing capabilities more excellent, better compatibility, cost-effective audio matrix system, as each Audio matrix R & D manufacturers continue to pursue and think about the problem. East Micro Dmatrix series of digital audio processor will be a powerful computer processing power for the sound reinforcement system, providing a convenient installation and management of powerful system solutions. Dmatrix DPS module with drag-and-drop structure, the user can freely allocate DSP processing to meet the needs of different applications. Some special modules such as AFC feedback cancellation, AEC echo cancellation, camera linkage, CobraNet network audio transmission control can be in the open after the software is free to use the customer.

Hangzhou CNN Technology CNP series of network audio processor, using a powerful SHARC processing chip, CNP built hundreds of audio processing modules, such as mixing console, signal router, audio matrix, pressure limiter, all algorithms can be NSP-100 graphical design software for any call and combination.In addition, CNP has a CobraNet network interface, through the network to implement the transmission of audio signals, the use of NS provided by the RS232 control protocol and TCP / IP-based beats solo network control protocol, Control of CNP by Tripartite Control Equipment.