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Recording studio and studio

The studio studios and dubbing studios are all designed and constructed by acoustic experts. Whether it is sound insulation conditions, sound absorption conditions, reverberation time, or with the microphone, mixer, performance and quality are more in line with the recording requirements, generally able to record satisfactory sound. But if you want to record high-quality clear, bright, full, rounded sound to the U.S. requirements, you still need some recording skills.

Because the announcer and the host in the studio appearance, the recording and video are completed simultaneously, and the placement of the microphone also consider the picture effect, in order to ensure the picture clean, the microphone generally do not appear in the picture. In this case, in order to record high-quality sound, the microphone shape is very important, the best choice is the use of super-directional condenser microphones or small lavalier microphone (the latter is also a condenser microphone), both microphones can meet Screen composition requirements, and condenser microphone sound effect is good, the sound recording is transparent, clean, small distortion, restore the true.

But be careful when using the user's mouth away from the microphone to be appropriate. beats earbuds If you are too close to the microphone, prone to near effect, low-frequency sound, the sound sounds rigid, there is no "moisture"; if too far away from the microphone, the reverberation increases, the sound is easy to blur open, unclear, so use more Do a few tests, and finally determine the appropriate distance. Use ultra-small lapel microphone picking sound, pay attention to the location of the microphone wearing (preferably sandwiched in the chest the second button position more appropriate). Because of this microphone is directional, the recording host or announcer head do not make a substantial twist, otherwise, the volume and frequency response will have significant changes, affecting the recording effect in the studio recording, due to Not a mirror, many broadcasters and close microphone recording, remember that the recording level can not be too large, otherwise, the voice of the TV program volume and other TV programs volume inconsistencies, the formation of the phenomenon of sound suddenly big and small, but also prone to overload distortion.

General dubbing room space is small, if the monitor speakers on the dubbing room, the recording to turn off the monitor, otherwise easily lead to acoustic feedback, the recording sound beats by dre is also empty, the studio and studio recording content is mainly language, so Radiation should be selected at the time of recording input balanced input. In beats by dre studio order to obtain good anti-jamming performance; at the same time mixer frequency equalizer as far as possible to maintain the IF flat, cut off the signal below 100Hz; 6KHz above signal cut off or about 5dB attenuation at 6KHz to reduce interference. To ensure that the language is clear, if the low frequency reverberation mentioned above occurs, you can cut more low frequencies and boost 3dB-5dB at 3KHz-4KHz to improve the beats solo speech intelligibility and achieve satisfactory sound quality.