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Reduces distortion in loudspeaker system design

The topic of clich is still very attractive to the speakers because of the possibility of fake. Foreign experts say a story: Oxford University has a very rich spirit of the speaker designer proudly with a newly developed speaker samples to the famous guitarist Leo Fender there, for Leo guitar amplifier to use. Fender experimented with the loudspeaker and told Beats By Dre Sale the engineer that the speaker was "too clean" and that he needed to express more distortion in the loudspeaker in order to achieve satisfaction.

Often, additional distortions are no problem with the loudspeaker, and more appropriately, the question is how to reduce distortion. Costs In the era of distortion of audio sources (such as CD players) and amplifiers that have been less than 0.01%, the loudest view of the loudest link in the audio chain has become more and more accurate. However, people have learned how to reduce the distortion in the speaker system good measures.

????First, to beats by dre clarify some of the terms: the so-called distortion, refers to the speaker transfer function in the nonlinear results. Some people define the distortion as follows: any other changes that exist between the input and output waveforms of the device. This definition also includes the effects of frequency response and phase effects, which are essentially linear.

Second, let's comment on the nonlinear effects of the system. Any form of nonlinearity has two effects: it causes the input frequency to appear at the output side of the harmonic (frequency multiple), and it causes the occurrence of modulation products (and poor), the form of influence is often referred to as harmonic distortion; The latter is called modulation distortion (or intermodulation distortion). The special external frequency generated by non-linearity depends on the nature of the nonlinearity. In other words, some non-linear forms cause beats by dre wireless more harmonic distortion, while others cause more modulation distortion.

Likewise, special harmonic or modulation products also depend on the non-linear form. For example, the release of the center glue interface will produce higher harmonics in the loudspeaker - 10 times, 12 times, etc. - and the voice coil in the magnetic gap will produce a low frequency times Harmonics, such as 2 and 4 times.

?In general, modulation distortion can be heard more and more annoying than harmonic distortion: tones increase harmonics only change the tone of the tone, and add and / or the frequency (these frequencies are likely to be related to the program Any frequency in the source is not reconciled), as in the orchestra to add the wrong tone.

?In general, distortion is specified as a percentage of the required signal. Many experiments have been done to determine the minimum percentage of harmonic distortion and modulation distortion that can be heard. The final change from the goal proves the fact that the experimenter sought the wrong question. In fact, the minimum audibility of distortion is determined by the masking of human hearing. Therefore, it is determined by the frequency range, the complexity of the SPL and the sound source.

Audio equipment manufacturers often respond to the difficulty of the subjective response to distortions and distortion curves of printed electronic equipment (the distortion can be better than 0.01% in the device), but ignoring the loudspeaker in the effective frequency range And the actual use of the sound level of hearing distortion (speaker harmonic distortion is rarely less than 1%). Although the frequency response of the loudspeaker system is generally open, many experiments prove that the ear can accommodate most of the changes in frequency response, and in fact the change in nonlinear distortion is more troublesome as the time to make the person tired.

More recently, there has been a lot of interest in finding useful ways to determine speaker distortion (which is related to subjective experiments). For this purpose some recent papers recommend the use of multitone testing. This is a test form in which four or more sine waves are fed to the device under test and the FFT is done at the output. In general, Beats By Dre Sale the results can be expressed in the form of signals / noise in such a way, or in percentage, or in the form of graphs. In any case, there is no difference in the measured harmonic distortion, low-order modulation distortion (eg, sum or difference), and high-order modulation distortion (eg, 3f1-3f2).