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Refused to cumbersome, after winding headphones feel light

Usually in the bus, the subway will come up with headphones to listen to songs or courses, but the line-control is very prone to stethoscope phenomenon, especially in thick winter clothes, but also very cumbersome. The past two years, the popular wraparound headset is very practical, it will not be as easily lost as the Bluetooth headset, and wire connection control is very useful. Part of the wireless headset ear shark fin design, high-quality silicone as raw material, the use of a special hollow design, very comfortable to wear. At the same time wire integrated playback, volume control and other functions, headphone charging time up to 6 hours, via Bluetooth and NFC beats solo stable connection to the phone, management more convenient. The use of higher quality Bluetooth transmission technology, and HIFI sound decoding, as well as the advanced diaphragm, to provide beats by dre a steady bass bass effect, as well as research and development of adaptive regulatory angle catheter to adapt to different ear canal features to ensure that the wear Highest comfort. Halter headphone headphones overall magnetic design, do not listen to songs when hanging a very convenient neck. And hanged Department has a multi-channel sealing process, anti-perspiration coating, worn on the neck like nothing. Binaural shocking stereo and high sensitivity speakers, restore the lossless sound quality.

Wireless headset wire material used to strengthen the more easy to replace and customize the headset also used in-ear design, and the ear can fit closely for a long time to wear is still very comfortable, bring it in the bus on the subway, enjoy the bass and Lossless audio nurturing. Sport headphones have anti-drop headphones design, twisting a twist to lock the more solid, but still comfortable. Built-in high-quality battery can work continuously for 8 hours, while the headphone cable also has great beats by dre wireless toughness, to provide more reliable durability.