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Resolve the external sound that appears when you insert your headset

After the laptop is plugged in headphones or voice-over is how is it? This happens, we first think of is the headphone jack problem, if not the problem of headphone jack how to solve it? The following happens this situation, we first think of is the headphone jack problem! Because the headphone jack is plugged into the headphone jack, the two terminals inside the jack socket are disconnected, and the sound box is turned off when the headphone plug is disconnected. So the two terminals or come together, then the voice will always have. However, if not the headphone jack but the system settings itself how to do?

Open the task manager, select the "process" tab to see if there is no RTHDCPL.exe beats solo this process. This is the sound card management procedures. If it does not start, it will appear plug headphones still put a voiceover phenomenon. May be what you do to start the project optimization sound card program does not boot automatically activated. You can try the following methods: Start - Run - Enter RTHDCPL.exe and try again. If not, start - Run - msconfig, select Beats Headphones Cheap the "Startup" tab, where to find RTHDCPL will hook in front of it. Restart. Try again. If it does not work, please re-install the sound card driver, it will automatically add startup items. During this period, if the security software reports an unknown startup item or accesses the registry, select Allow. This should be fine.

Some special sound card process name may be different, in general, reinstall the sound card driver and driver for all behavior should be a green light Title Causes may be the cause of the sound card driver, if it is a sound card driver problem, Update the sound card driver on it. Laptop sound problem, the first step is to check the headset is plugged? Then consider the control panel to find the sound device settings, adjust the sound audio settings, or adjust the audio output device and the like. Cheap Beats By Dr Dre Tip: different laptop and audio devices, there may be different sound card audio adjustment method yo! Of course, sound card-driven issues may also trigger such phenomena