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Ring iron earbuds have been so long as you really know it?

The concept of iron headphones really into the ordinary people home. Maybe you are using a ring headset, but do you really understand its structure and advantages, and its related history? beats headphones on beats solo sale Xiaobian today and we talk about the way around the iron headphones deeds. Ring iron headphones, as the name suggests, it is moving coil unit and moving iron unit together with the product. Different from the multi-motor unit headphones, and dual / three-unit dynamic headphones, the combination of two different units of the unit means that the designer in the unit selection, cavity design and frequency of three important aspects of technology More in-depth knowledge and requirements. In understanding the characteristics of the circle before the headset, the first thing or to take the trouble and we all popular science headset and moving headset difference. The principle is similar to ordinary speakers. The coil in the permanent magnetic field is connected with the diaphragm, and the Beats Headphones Cheap coil drives the diaphragm under the driving of the signal current. Because it is vibration vibration sound, so the sound is more natural and loose, and has a natural range of frequency response advantages. Unlike the coil-diaphragm structure of the moving headphone, the moving head is made to a center point of a micro-diaphragm through a precision connecting rod, resulting in vibration and sound of the headphones. Moving headphones because the unit is smaller, so through the combination and frequency, bringing a wider range of frequency response, and more delicate sound.

The advantages and disadvantages of moving headphones and moving headphones are obvious, and the perception of the two aspects of the cavity structure and the frequency divider gives the opportunity to combine the two units together. Once the combination can be successful, both can have a moving iron earplugs sound density, excellent resolution and clear sense of the line, but also get the dynamic ring ear plugs have excellent low-frequency performance, and the resulting excellent atmosphere. It can be said that the ring of iron earplugs is the sound quality and music of the best complex in the high-quality non-destructive music gradually popularization of the moment, more conducive to the majority of consumers enjoy the high quality playback effect, experience the beauty of phonology.

With the continuous development of materials, technology and technology to promote, ring iron headphones in many brands, and even the proportion of market share Beats Headphones Cheap will increase. The traditional ear-shaped ring headphones have been quite mature, one by one showing a circle of iron headphones quite bright future. Technological progress is not only impossible, but also to allow consumers to feel the technology to bring changes and enhance. Ring iron headphones is not only a new spoiler, for the entire audio industry development significance, is worthy of respect.