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Seven ways to choose travel headphones

I have to say that the design of the earbud earphone is convenient for use during busy commuting hours. I can walk around and pay attention to the surrounding environment. I don't have to worry about the traffic on the road. I don't even have to worry about not hearing my colleagues or the chief officer's cries in the office. However, if it is used while traveling, this function is not enough. Here are some suggestions for the selection of travel headphones.

First, convenient storage and carrying

Travel is very light and mobile. If you go out with a big bag or a small bag, it's really inconvenient. In order to achieve the purpose of streamlining your luggage, even travel headphones need to be carefully selected. Therefore, we usually dont wear large bags. Size earmuff headphones beats by dre go out. However, in order to allow travelers to enjoy high-quality music at any time, most headset manufacturers have also introduced collapsible earmuff headsets that allow users to quickly store them when they are not in use, and do not occupy much of their luggage space.

Second, can wear for a long time

Compared to the use of the weekdays, headphones worn during travel are more comfortable. Whether you are in the cold Nordic countries or in Southeast Asia, such as summer, the good travel headphones will not bring your ears to your ears. It is oppressed, stuffy, Cheap Beats By Dre and even warm.

In general, earphones that can be worn for a long time, apart from the different factors of the individual's head type, the structure of the earphone and the material design of the pad in contact with both ears are quite high. For earmuff-type earphones, a breathable leather pad is preferred. As for users of the In-Ear Earphones, most of them use silicone earplugs to avoid allergies or skin infections.

Of course, even if the earphone design is better, we must try to avoid continuous use for a long time to prevent hearing loss.

Third, eliminate background noise

The biggest difference between using headphones indoors and outdoors is the difference in background noise. The traditional method of anti-noise is to directly force the ear to accept only music and prevent the binaural ears from touching other external noises. However, in such a situation, under continuous use, it is likely to cause ear hearing impairment. If it is on the street, It is also possible that a dangerous situation may occur because you cannot hear horns or vocals.

Although the earliest appearance of electronic anti-noise earphones was for military use, it has now been widely applied to personal listening and air traffic applications.

When you use electronic noise-free headphones to listen to music, you can still feel the sound of the environment as usual, but the unpleasant low-frequency noise is filtered out by the headset's electronic anti-noise device, so we can still hear clear, Complete sound performance.

Fourth, can be used with the machine

People who travel frequently must be familiar with watching movies, listening to music and other activities that kill time. However, the headsets provided on general aircraft flights are changed from single plug designs to double plugs, at this time, if your machine Did not provide such a headphone adapter accessories, you have to spend money to buy, or else you have to endure the airline assigned bass quality headphones. If you attach great importance to the performance of sound quality for listening to music and watching movies on the aircraft, you can consider whether the accessories for exclusive use of the machine are included in the purchase of travel headphones.

Fifth, low impedance, easy to push

The high impedance of the impedance has a great relationship with the dynamic performance of the headset, which is the most easily overlooked indicator value for the average user. Travel music players, portable devices, thrust, and battery life are naturally better than computers or other desktop-type playback devices. Therefore, headphones with higher impedance, although they have higher dynamic capabilities, are not suitable for collocation. Use these portable devices. In the purchase of a travel headset, the impedance of 32 can be used as a reference value. The smaller the resistance, the easier it is to drive. Earphones over 60 can be used in homes or offices. Low-impedance headphones are not only easier to drive, but also less power for playback devices. If you can not identify the headset in the end resistance? You can listen to the store to see if you want to open the volume to more than 2/3, in order to listen to clear music content, it may represent the headset high resistance.

Sixth, provide storage protection bag

Travel headsets, as the name suggests, are meant to carry portable headphones. Therefore, the storage of headphones is very important. Whether it is earmuffs, earphones, should have a suitable storage location when not in use, if at home and office and other fixed use places, you can close the headset roll, placed in the position of personal habits, but travel Headphones may often have a chance to be stored in a backpack during the journey. If colliding with other carry-on baggage content, it may be easily damaged. Therefore, the travel earphones will need a special protection bag, even hard. The protective case can not only prolong its service life but also maintain Beats Headphones On Sale" href="/">Beats Headphones On Sale its appearance.

Seven, suitable for personal sound

In addition to the additional features, the most important thing is the performance of the headphones. Because Beats By Dre Sale each company's design and planning product properties are different, there will be differences in the performance of the timbre, some strong sense of rhythm, large low-frequency, some take the sound quality resolution route, and some emphasize balance, warm tone, cold, Each is different from the textual description of a product. You can only know a little about one or two. Therefore, direct personal audition is the best way to select a personal timbre headset. It is recommended that you pick music with personal habits and often Use the portable device as a criterion for selection. Otherwise, when you bring it home from the store, you may be able to buy goods that feel like you have a big gap.