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Skull film characteristics, specifications and options

Skull films are not as simple as they seem. In fact, it's not easy to make a good one. Therefore, high-quality cymbals are also very expensive. If you know the sounding principles of some cymbals, then finding your favorite cymbals will be easier. This tip describes the various characteristics of the cymbals and their tips. Like the drums, most manufacturers make unsuitable prices, and they also produce series of sedan films with different sound characteristics and different musical styles. The following will introduce the various characteristics of the sepals. Many cymbals have their own names, such as "Power," "Full," "Dark," and "Fast," and so on. These names all show their voice more or less. On the features, this will help you conduct an intuitive screening. Weight: A similar seizure on both sides, the heavier sounds sound slightly taller and slightly longer, and the response is slower. In other words, the heavier pieces need to be hit hard to get their better sound. Diameter: A larger beak is slightly lower in pitch and slightly longer in duration than a similar but slightly smaller diameter beak. Larger skeletons need more force to speed up their sound response. Shape: The radon has a slightly higher pitch and a slightly slower response than flat radon. Dimensions in the volume: This parameter affects the volume, the sensitivity of the sound, and the number of harmonics, where the number of overtones affects the fullness of the sound. The larger area of ??the cockroach makes the cockroach more responsive, making it easier to produce a louder and louder sound. The method of making the cymbals affects the sound. For example, in the process of hammering, the more rigorous the trace of hammering (the rules of dents on the surface of the cymbals), the more 锟斤拷rules锟斤拷 and clearer sounds will be produced. Conversely, irregular hammering marks (such as hand hammering) can produce dim, complex "irregular" sounds. Because the cockroach has only one part (only the sequins themselves), the production materials of cockroaches play an important role in determining their sound. There are many changes in the sound of a condolence. It can produce very sharp and clear sounds, and it can also produce very dim, thick, dry sounds. In general, louder music requires more clarity in the sound of a parallax, and the use of heavier paralysis favors this. A good test method is to first hit with the amount of force you would have played, then tap the beat. If you can hear independent beats from the beginning, you're right. The voices of parasols vary from high to low, from dry to delicate, from heavy to thin, from dignified to smooth, from solemn to warm, from calm to heated. The sound in the skull beats earbuds is compact and powerful. When you hit the rest of the cymbals, there is no sound in the cymbals. It's like hitting on the other side. When hitting the crickets, also listen to other parts of the crickets. Did they happen at the same time as the crickets? Still no matter how hard you hit, what you hear is just the sound of your voice. Many 18-inch and larger puppets can be used as craps for banging performances, as well as parades and tapping. The bash-attack sign can double as a smashing beats by dre and condolences, both heavy and light. If you can only buy one, it is a good choice. It is rare for a professional "thumping - tapping" chant. Many jazz bands and drummer drummers use their cymbals as both a hit and a tap. For this reason, they chose a relatively thin beryllium, which was made by irregular hammering. It can emit a series of harmonic harmonies. It can also emit a very clear sound in the case of a flick. However, this kind of embarrassment is not sold in the market as a punch-light.