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Small ears, Peng worship notes endless

In this music has become unaware of the people of the day, music seems to have a magical effect, we habitually in the song which find resonance, use it to ease the pressure of life, and even emotional healing self-motivation. Headphones because of small and portable as the main medium to listen to music. For many people, wearing headphones too heavy, wearing a bite head pressed face easy to tired, and also more difficult to carry, compared to the figure of exquisite small and lightweight, more suitable as a music lovers pocket Preferred. So, the following small fresh is introduced in several small but has a surging notes in the ear headphones. Outside the headset line design to effectively reduce the headset and skin, clothing contact, listening to you when you bring a sense of relaxation and comfort, long wear not tired, pure sound quality will be comfortable to enjoy. The use of moving-type micro-sound unit, headset sound rich and delicate, around the ear design to wear more stable, sound effects are inherited a consistent performance, supporting soft elastic earplugs can isolate up to 90% of the background noise, so that the environment The impact of a significant reduction, more focused on the desired sound. Headset special edition also uses a professional optimized lengthened twisted pair, to ensure better signal transmission performance with better portability; sub-line with Y-type sub-line, and with anti-fracture design, durability is also people Rest assured; at the same time can change the line design for the future upgrade to enhance the possible.

Headset configuration of the unit and a small impedance, with the phone, Walkman and other conventional equipment driver is also not difficult, fully able to release the potential. At the same time for different music preferences, there are two different headset EQ settings, a strengthening of low-frequency, a strengthening of high-frequency, to meet the needs of various types of fans. Although the sound quality has been Tucao, but Beats Headphones On Sale the value is really good, the streets to see so many people choose it out of the street to know, this ear, simple lines with rich details, fashion hit color full of eyes, and metal Texture of radial etching, for the headset to add texture, but also more durable. Tuning is masculine, the atmosphere, in addition to listening to pop beats by dre songs, is also very suitable for rock, metal music, jazz such a sense of rhythm and beats solo combat sense of relatively strong music, because it beats solo is better low frequency, straightforward.