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Smart headphones help the blind to know the city

Can you wear a device in addition to helping people who have fitness habits to record their own data, Microsoft recommends that blind people bring headphones to "see" the world.

And technology is likely to change all this, Microsoft and the British charity Guide Dogs and urban design agency Future Cities Catapult jointly launched the Cities Unlocked project, designed to help the blind better integration into the city. Recently, Microsoft News revealed the latest progress of the project, they tried to bone conduction headphones, smart phones and the surrounding Beacon together, through the sound to build real experience, to facilitate the smooth travel of the blind.

The realization of the process is this: the user first through the smart phone to set the place he will arrive, bring bone conduction headphones, around him in the direction of one or two meters will have rhythm of the rushed sound of the da da, and blind Only need to follow the direction of the sound can be forward. Beacon, which is pre-arranged on the roadside, will continue to accept the location of the user who has sent the message. When faced with the need to turn when the headphones will appear voice for his guide. Users do not need to consider whether they will be off the road, because the stereo will always come from the right place.

Bone conduction headphones is not a new thing, AfterShokz's Bluez 2 and Damson's Headbones are selling commercial products, the Microsoft team's experimental headphones are also produced by AfterShokz. But Microsoft has first applied it in Beats By Dre Sale" href="/">Beats By Dre Sale the field of blind guide. In this regard, bone conduction headphones have their inherent advantages, through the skull, the sound can be directly transmitted to the inner ear, so that will not prevent the ears while receiving external sound. Users can use the navigation at the same time with the people around to talk.