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Smart headphones you used it

Smart headset is now the product of the smart era, he can connect to the headset through the smart phone, using APP to adjust, so you better enjoy the music of almost any electronic devices are becoming more intelligent, headphones are no exception. Now, they not only equipped with a better digital signal processor, but also to connect the smart phone, through the application to adjust the sound, monitor the movement and even custom shape and size, the use of more flexible form. Headset with exquisite design and chrome decoration, while built-in digital amplifier, can achieve "sound field expansion" function, such as the concert scene like a live sense. In addition, it is also a Bluetooth 4.0 wireless headset, with 10 hours of battery life, through the free iOS application, you can adjust the bass and other frequencies and other effects, to achieve more scenes of the application form.

A 3D print custom earplugs, according to the size of the user's ear canal customization, it is very personal equipment, to achieve better wear experience. In addition, it also has 14 mm neodymium dynamic drive, can achieve good high-fidelity sound quality effect. Its custom form is also very interesting, need to iOS or Android application upload ear photos, and choose a variety of color, simple and convenient. A stylish wireless connection headset, although still used in the form of cable design, but in motion can still be around the neck, not too affect the movement. You can set the effect of 5 equalizer, suitable for listening to a variety of different types of music. First of all, its stylish rich color and reduce the weight of the fuselage, can achieve beats earphones excellent wear and decorative. In addition, it built-in NFC and Bluetooth technology, can be quickly connected with mobile phones and other mobile devices, and through iOS or Android applications to adjust the equalizer effect, change the output frequency, adjust the sound field, etc., custom function is very powerful. Headphones are one beats by dr dre of our frequently used equipment for leisure and entertainment, while smartphones bring more convenience for our lives.