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Smart speakers choose smart or choose speakers?

Smart speakers in the traditional speaker enthusiasts in the evaluation of the group is also mixed, some people feel fresh and interesting, there are sharp friends Tucao smart speakers is "smart into the intellectual barrier, sound quality, such as gongs," smart speakers really have such a bear ? Some students may feel that smart speakers are only recently hot, but in fact hanging the selling point of the product as early as several years ago has appeared, but then the so-called "smart speaker" only add a card and Bluetooth, some willing to under the cost of the manufacturers will also be equipped with a color on the speaker, but the sound quality of their own speakers is poor. Xiaobian had to read the book in order to facilitate the display of PPT, bought a "smart speaker", but only when a loudspeaker to make, and if the side of the charge side of the use, it will produce harsh sound, and now Already do not know where the fouling. And we are talking about the smart speakers, and the kind of said above, can be said to beats by dre studio be quite smart - as a speaker of the derivative products, smart speakers can achieve voice interaction, in addition to the user can play or suspend music according to instructions, adjust the volume Size, etc., it is a family of consumers with a voice Internet tool, you can support users to click on the song, listen to the news, understand the weather, and even use it to Beats Headphones On Sale shop online. Smart speakers also need to first put the speaker first comes with a lot of collected sound pretreatment. Which involves the multi-channel recording, sound wave beats solo positioning, automatic noise reduction, distinguish between environmental noise and voice, etc., if the manufacturers in this regard willing to work, then this set down the master SoC will certainly go far beyond the general PC Sound card processing capacity, but if the performance is not enough to force, then it is likely that some chicken problems with the duck.

For many consumers, the speaker's sound quality and appearance is to determine the value of the most essential things, and intelligence Cheap Beats By Dr Dre is only a sub-item. On the current market smart speaker products, it seems that intelligence has yet to be strengthened, and the speaker and a lot of effort, but the smart and the speaker really like a fish and bear's paw, both can not have it? So want to fall into a deadlock in thinking. In fact, to solve the current situation, there is a way is to separate the speaker and intelligent control equipment. In fact, the smart speaker market leader, such as Google, are not only limited to the "speaker", but the smart speaker as a tone of all intelligent furniture terminal platform, so that the application of intelligent speakers was Greatly expanded, practicality can also be effectively enhanced.