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Sound maintenance seven tips you mastered it?

Many good audio products after a period of professional enthusiasts use and maintenance, the sound quality as a result of fermentation Beats Headphones Cheap will become more honest, the longer the use of the sound more interesting. So what should we pay attention to when we use the sound? 1, the new machine to be careful

Many people buy a new sound when the excitement of the excitement to plug in the power to try. You must pay attention to the speaker is not connected to the amplifier, the test machine will directly impact the amplifier circuit. Sound is a passive device, all the energy comes from the output of the amplifier. This road is not connected, if the boot power, the power amplifier may be guilty of the. When the boot is the power amplifier, after listening to music can suffer is your ear. So be sure to check whether all the equipment is connected, please set the volume knob to the minimum and then start the system. If the system issued a strange sound, better off power, please professional debugging, generally do not recommend the player to boot their own diagnosis, otherwise it will affect the hardware performance.

2, try to use at a reasonable ambient temperature

Sound use of the ambient temperature should be controlled at least between -10 to 40 , the temperature environment to avoid large fluctuations. Excessive temperature changes and the use of sound in very low extreme environments can cause irreversible damage to the sound system.

3, pay attention to environmental humidity

In terms of ambient humidity, the sound should be placed between 50% and 80% relative humidity. Too humid environment will make the machine components premature failure, or rust inside and outside the body.

4, pay attention to voltage frequency

Power supply voltage and frequency need to match the local power, a long time so that the audio work in the non-rated voltage, frequency of power conditions will accelerate the aging of the sound.

5, to avoid excessive dust and excessive vibration occurred

In addition to the sound we know to avoid direct sunlight and heavy pressure, the conditions in the space placed on the sound first to avoid excessive dust and vibration environment. In the sound system, especially the amplifier is very sensitive to environmental dust. Due to the need for heat, each amplifier will have a cooling hole, too beats earbuds much dust will not only close the cooling hole blocking heat dissipation, and into the body after the internal circuit will cause damage. In addition, whether the sound amplifier or speaker, surrounded by enough space to stay, especially in the amplifier do not stack other equipment.

6, pay attention to the equipment switch sequence

Sound the same as the same as the computer equipment switch sequence of the problem, the use of sound should first start the signal source device. Usually in addition to the amplifier, we will choose the disc player and other audio equipment, in a few devices have started the process, we should pay special attention to the boot shutdown sequence. Start the boot device beats by dre studio should be such as the beginning of such as the sound source and other equipment, and then open the amplifier; shutdown when the first power amplifier after the switch before the device. Shutdown should also be the sound volume to a minimum, not only can reduce the impact of the switch on the sound, and the next boot will not scare yourself jump.

7, pay attention to special items dedicated

Many power amplifier, such as Yamaha DSP-Z9 such products, behind the other equipment will be set up one or two sockets, the socket to special seat, can not be used to connect other high-power equipment, such as iron and other household appliances. Whether it Beats Headphones Cheap" href="/">Beats Headphones Cheap is the amplifier behind the socket or amplifier of their own plug, in the course of the use of power plug will cause the impact of the system, damage to the body and speakers.

8, clean should not wipe with water

It is not advisable to use water to clean the sound when cleaning the sound. Sound equipment shell is also more metal material, and waterproof sound is very small, so the water will cause the erosion of the shell, and the water conductivity is not suitable for cleaning agents. If you want to clean the body, do not use volatile solution-based cleaning agents, such as gasoline, alcohol and the like, try to choose a soft cloth to reduce the body scratches.