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Speaker knowledge twelve asked

1. What is coaxial speakers?

?The loudspeakers, tweeter, and woofer are arranged in a plane on the panel of the speakers Cheap Beats By Dr Dre so that their vocal centers can not coincide into one point, so that the distance between the treble and the bass arrives at the listener is different. The phase deviation thus affects the correct reduction of the image. Coaxial speaker with a coaxial unit, this unit is actually a combination of tweeter and woofer, treble cleverly placed in the center of the bass diaphragm, so to ensure that the high and low sound of the acoustic center is the same point , Thus solving the problem of phase deviation.

2. What is the dumbbell-shaped unit arrangement?

That is, the tweeter is tightly clamped in the middle of a pair of exactly the same medium / woofer, and the form is a bit like two big dumbbells in the middle. Dumbbell arrangement can be obtained similar to the sound source sound effect, the stereo sound image positioning is good, so the recent design of this popular.

3. What is a two-line split?

Conventional speakers are only cheap beats a set of input terminals, from the amplifier out of the full band signal with a group of speaker lines to the speaker, inside the speaker through the divider will be high, bass separated. Bi-wiring (Bi-wiring) is to use two sets of speakers to connect the amplifier and speakers, so that high and low bifurcation of the road, we are not involved. The two-line crossover needs to separate the crossover channel of the divider and the input of the bass channel, so the speakers must provide two sets of posts. Of course, can be a two-tone speaker can also use the conventional single-line connection, as long as the box with the metal short-circuit will be two sets of terminals and then a group on the line.

Similar to the two-line crossover, if the three groups of speakers were transmitted treble, midrange and bass, this connection is called three-wire crossover (Tri-wiring). However, the three-line crossover is not as common as the two-line crossover.

4. Is it better than a regular connection?

The main reason for the two-line crossover is that the speaker cable is suitable for transmission of low frequency, some suitable for transmission of high frequency, if the separate transmission can be selected according to different needs of the corresponding wire, to achieve the best results. However, this view is only one of the words, some people think that the two-line sound more harm than good, they believe that the transmission characteristics of different wire inconsistencies, will destroy the high, bass phase consistency, if the same line, then why What?

5. Why is it usually better for a loud speaker Cheap Beats By Dre bass?

The lower limit of the speaker and the two factors are closely related, one is the resonant frequency of the speaker unit, one is the volume of the box. In the case of no boxing, the low frequency resonant frequency of the bass unit is usually considered to be the effective frequency of the lower limit of the unit, the larger the diameter of the unit, the resonant frequency is generally lower, so with a large speaker is conducive to reducing the lower frequency. In addition, the larger diaphragm area in the same amplitude under the premise can promote more air, easy to get more low-frequency sense. When the speaker unit boxed, the resonant frequency by the box of air stiffness will rise, the greater the volume of the box, the air on the unit the smaller the role Beats By Dre Sale of the resonant frequency rise is also smaller, is conducive to lower Integrated low frequency response. Large speakers on the one hand easy to use large-diameter woofer, on the other hand there is a larger box volume, so low frequency is usually better.

6. What are the main performance indicators of the speakers?

There are many technical indicators to measure the performance of the speaker, we often see in the product catalog or speaker manual are: frequency response, impedance, sensitivity, maximum load power and maximum output sound pressure level. The frequency response represents the relationship between the sound pressure level of the speaker output and the frequency change. If it is plotted, it is a function curve with the frequency as the abscissa to output the sound pressure (or the decibel number of the sound pressure) as the ordinate.