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Speaker modeling how much impact on the sound, the more strange the more weird?

Does the shape of the beats earbuds speaker have a positive beats by dre studio effect on the sound? Speaker modeling how much impact on the sound, the more strange the more weird? I believe there are many people think this issue over, individuals have heard different shapes of speakers, here I think there are two aspects that we have ignored. Speaking first non-Bluetooth speakers, whether active or passive, the shape of the box on the positive role of the sound big, personally think that in addition to the very small part, basically no impact. Ordinary people look at the shape of the egg, but the old driver looked at the shape of the headlights, which is the co-KEF unique coaxial units and concentrated after the co-element, one of the characteristics of the guide hole front and the formation of the box Loop back, the sound will be more rounded; the second feature is the cost of coaxial speakers so that it can become a standard desktop speakers. However, if the same unit is replaced with a box, the cost cheap beats of the box will also increase, so from this point of view, the positive effect of the box structure on the sound is actually limited. This is actually more performance in the Bluetooth speaker, but Bluetooth speakers put this "disadvantage" has become an advantage, most of the non-cube made of selling shapes, rather than selling the sound. Cylindrical Bluetooth speakers internal anatomy, you can see the upper part of the fuselage is a speaker unit, are generally bass unit, almost all of the cylinder body speaker is so designed, because the bass is diffuse, so in The cylinder can form a 360 sound transmission, but the disadvantage is where?

In fact, very simple, its sound ceiling is very short, not just a unit, the structure is excessive compression box internal space, for the convenience and beauty at the expense of the potential of the sound. Still Bluetooth speakers, for example, the main reason for the sound depends on the speaker, which is often said that the speaker itself is mostly two-way frequency, this figure is still three-way, and the Bluetooth speaker on the cylinder A speaker, it is not too subwoofer. The size of the box is determined by the speaker inside the box, the same situation is better than two divided by three, a speaker needless to say; the second box of space rationality it will not necessarily Make the sound better, but irrationality will certainly make the sound more flaws. Personally think the answer is yes, in fact, you really care about the beats solo sound is 360 degrees spread it, not just HIFI speakers, the direction of the sound transmission itself is not so particular, you hear the difference in front of and behind the speaker Not big. To prevent you from misunderstanding, let's take a very simple example. Amateur football fans play football. One of the teams plays well in one or two games. But in amateur competitions, will they be able to decide the outcome? In the world of HIFI speakers, the impact of modeling on the sound in the end is how, you can give pointers to the old driver, the next Yan seven for everyone to talk about the subwoofer-related knowledge.