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Speaker of the diffraction and direct sound introduction

Speakers due to the structure, the choice of box material, processing, precision and other aspects of the impact of the speaker in the use of the process itself is a direct sound and diffuse sound mixed source. Early labyrinth speakers, according to the speaker box inside the longer bass pipeline to strengthen the low frequency of energy. Although the bass release hole is set in front of the speaker panel, but the release of the low-frequency part of the longer bass channel is enhanced by multiple reflections. So this part of the low frequency has a very strong characteristics of the diffraction sound - which is its unique positioning is not clear. Labyrinth speaker frequency response low frequency side, but also more prone to a slight dislocation phenomenon.

Labyrinth speakers are the product of the hardened bass unit era. Speaker of the bass unit in a few decades ago, the edge of the fold more than the hard ring, made of rubber by the cloth material. The folding of most civilian supplies is essentially an extension of the paper diaphragm. Because of the hardness of such folding ring itself, the diaphragm of the travel beats by dre studio range is small, so called the hard ring unit. This low-frequency unit of their own low-frequency f L are relatively high, are generally tens of Hz to 100Hz range, its work in the vibration of the sound state. Because of its low frequency f L is not low and vibrating sound state, the use of labyrinth box structure to strengthen the bass, is appropriate.

With the progress of the speaker unit production technology, the use of rubber edge, foam side of the soft folding bass unit came out. This type of woofer is long, its own f L is low, usually tens of Hz, the lowest can reach a few Hz. Soft bends of the bass unit in the low-frequency work in the Beats By Dre Sale piston-type sound state, so do not need a labyrinth box to strengthen the low frequency. Some of the sound of the speaker sound Beats Headphones On Sale" href="/">Beats Headphones On Sale is not deep understanding of the manufacturers and enthusiasts, to the soft corners of the bass unit with a long maze bass channel, resulting in poor transient characteristics of the speaker and bass serious dislocation of the adverse consequences. This is also the strength of modern technology manufacturers, why eliminated the theoretical basis of the labyrinth speaker.

Inverted phase of the working state of the speaker, but also in a direct sound and diffraction, reflection of the mixed state of work. As the inverted phase of the inverted length of the tube is shorter, from the bass unit closer, so inverted-type speakers in the work of the diffraction, the reflection ratio is relatively small, replay tone, the phase is more accurate. This is also inverted phase speaker in the current stage of the main technical basis.

There is also a class of speakers, which is closed speakers, such speakers do not have maze interpretation hole and inverted hole. In theory, the closed speakers are easy to achieve better frequency response and complete direct sound, but the actual working state is not the case. Due to the strength of the box material itself, the enclosure of the closed speaker is vibrated by the higher air in the box. In the working condition, the box will Cheap Beats By Dr Dre produce strong vibration (diffraction). Labyrinth, inverted-type speakers due to the semi-open state of the box, the box itself will be relatively small vibration. Closed speakers of the test curve is relatively straight, because the test is only input 1W power of low-power working state, in the normal use of the process, the input power is much greater than 1W. Due to the constraints of the volume of the box, by the box of the impact of damping materials, closed speakers in high-power work, the low frequency side of the frequency response will be significantly degraded, the speaker's transient characteristics are not inverted phase speaker good.

?Know the operating characteristics of the speaker, it is easy to understand the frequency response, power, sensitivity are all the same different forms of the speaker, the replay of the sound and sound performance will have a very different phenomenon.