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Sports music has become the mainstream way

Moving and listening to music is the modern two mainstream entertainment, especially the modern people are very particular about the health of the background, sports and leisure has become an important choice for many people daily life. While listening to music is the most common way of physical and mental pleasure, stretch the mood. And in the eyes of many users, both sports and music can be carried out at the same time.

Many users in the early use of wired headphones to listen to music, but this time, the pain point appeared, wired headset because of wire winding and fetters, will give users a cheap beats lot of trouble. In particular, the various branches of the wire will give the user's movement to bring a lot of uncertain factors, because the wire will be involved, will be wrapped around to other objects, which will give the movement of the user to bring hidden dangers. On the other hand, wired headset regardless of the length of wire, there will always be restrictions, that is to say the phone must be within the length of the wire, if the wire is not long enough, then the phone may not be placed in the trousers pocket. This is the congenital limitations of wired headphones, but also wired headphones as a sports occasion when used to produce the biggest pain point.

In view of this, with a Bluetooth headset as a sports headphones to listen to music is very appropriate. Bluetooth headset eliminates the shackles of wire, and the longest transmission distance can reach 10 meters, enough to meet the movement when listening to use. However, not all Bluetooth headsets are suitable for listening to music while in motion. Professional sports Bluetooth headset is for the love of sports while listening to music and create the user. However, the current market, many known as the sporty level of Bluetooth headset and did not like the publicity as the user's habits.

A lot of Bluetooth headphones are known as "born for the movement", but in fact there is not much fit the use of the performance of the movement. Currently on the market sports Bluetooth headset is also quite a mixed bag, good and bad, so that consumers know what to do. On the other hand, the majority of the Bluetooth headset on the market is homogeneous serious, functionally similar, although the consumer can choose more products, but the real consumer products are not much tempted.