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Sports trip, you still lack this tide equipment!

How can the music be less on the keyway? Want to use music to fill the movement of the process, so Cheap Beats By Dre" href="/">Cheap Beats By Dre that boring movement becomes more beautiful it! Ever since, a high value, good sound quality sports blue headphones is essential. In the face of sports scenes Bluetooth headset products, we often encounter the headset line entangled, due to distance constraints resulting from poor sound quality or intermittent signal problems, will affect the sound quality; people feel happy Round the storage box, and it is made of aluminum, silky texture and sturdy people put it down, in the hands of no stiff feeling, and its internal also through the plastic shock treatment, lying inside the headphones Should be quite comfortable. In its internal also through the plastic shock treatment, lying inside the headset should be quite comfortable. Three-dimensional triangular shape, inlaid with gold on the metal decoration, fashion avant-garde; Unfortunately, the wire and did not take this design, slightly less; tilt into the ear design, the edge of the place are rounded, Three earrings of different sizes of silicone earplugs, high quality and soft; and sealing is also very good, with the ears very close, so that you feel the beautiful music at the same time Reduce the long-term wear discomfort.

Anti-allergic silicone material earmuffs and ear hanging, durable non-winding wire, just right of beats solo the flexible ear can be suitable for different types of ears, even if the wear will not feel a long time uncomfortable; match on the line deduction, you can also headset line Buckle together to prevent the beats by dre slips off the three-button design, you can easily pick up the phone, control the volume and switch songs. The so-called official publicity of the intelligent dual-system wire control technology, simply, is the wire-controlled features take Apple and Andrews mainstream mobile phones and tablet computers; can also be connected with two Bluetooth devices and switch, so comfortable and convenient atmosphere Around your side. The correct design of the location of the remote control, when the music to listen to music when there is a call, it will automatically remind, and support the phone voice function, tap the middle of the O key, you can answer. This is indeed more practical for business people, the movement will not miss any phone friends.