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Surgery industry specializing in the rejection of the pit teammate game headset collection

Playing the game is not often because the communication between teammates is not timely and pit teammates? Is not because the headset positioning is not allowed to hear the footsteps of the enemy was shot and shot it? And beats solo then there is such a situation when the teammates despise must be loud to argue with his teammates: "I do not have a game headset !!" Compared to other game peripherals, the game headset although not involved in the game control process, but But play a more important role. A good game headset in addition to let you hear every detail in the game, but also to help you accurately "show" the direction of the enemy, to enhance the level of the game can not tell the benefits. When you play some big game with headphones, the real sounds and paintings

Developed a black technology "carbon fiber hyphae" diaphragm material, and on this basis, the use of the "double diaphragm" Beats By Dre Cheap drive unit, in one fell swoop to overcome the triangular frequency is difficult to balance the common problem, making the headset show sound quality leap, wear very comfortable. Headset with cortical earmuffs and noise reduction sponge, can effectively reduce the external noise, so you focus on the game between the voice and the exchange between his teammates. The headset is equipped with a cheap beats volume and microphone controller. Can be very convenient to turn off the microphone and adjust the volume. Hidden noise reduction microphone, in multiplayer games, teammates can clearly hear your voice.

Face can make your body goose bumps.

Designed to do in the sound, vibration experience, wear experience, the appearance of aesthetics and so have a higher match and balance. Ears surface with high-gloss process, and the first beam and wire materials are Cheap Beats Headphones very solid. And this headset volume adjustment is designed on the left side of the earmuffs, adjust more convenient. The microphone with a hidden design, when not in use can be recovered from the microphone, and headphones into one. Headphones side of the design of the volume adjustment knob, and the volume above the knob for the vibration unit control knob, so that players can have more shocking movies and game effects, the greater the volume, the effect is more intense. Built-in high-quality microphone, call clear, accurate pickup. Up to 2 meters of high quality wire reliable and durable, and effectively expand the range of gamers activities; wire controller integrated volume adjustment and microphone mute switch, easy to use, durable. Thanks to the advantages of 40mm high fidelity unit, playing the first person in the shooting game, the three-dimensional positioning of a strong sense of space. Is a simple design, cost-effective full-hooded headset products.